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Plains of Fantasy Reviews
Author: Paul Swift
Date: 2007

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Another different concept game, and another well-realised main character. Although the character you play manages to be even more repulsive than a goblin, as you play a middle-aged, disgusting MMO obsessive. The writing attempts to poke fun at such people (still living with his mother, in the basement, etc) but comes off more mean-spirited than funny.

It doesnít help that the game itself is rather difficult. And not for good reasons, either. The whole idea is to login to the MMO Plains of Fantasy and uhÖ Get it on. However, doing such a thing is actually a lot harder than youíd think; just turning on the computer is a trial, requiring you to not so much solve a puzzle as to look at absolutely bloody everything and then struggle with some poor implementation to solve. Remember writers, DVDs and DVD players are separate things, and making sure the game knows that is difficult too.

Once I actually managed the task of logging into the game, I was met with one room, nowhere to go and a conversation tree that was endlessly repetitive. No matter what the reward, the player has to struggle through a lot in this game, and it ultimately isnít worth it.

Rating: C

Reviewed by Softiron

Playing a disgusting male in his motherís basement whoís addicted to virtual porn wasnít enough to turn me off this game. The pointless hunger puzzle didnít even bother me that much. Nor was yet another RPG conversation system enough to make me shake my head. No, this time it was the guess-the-verb frustration that eventually forced me to quit shortly after I killed a bunny to impress my virtual mate.

Hey, at least I wasnít forced to rape anybody.

Plains Of Fantasy thanks the stalker for itís 11th place finish on my ballot.

Stroke Meter: ?

Reviewed by David Whyld

Damn, this was frustrating. I hate games with item carrying restrictions that never seem to work out quite right. I can carry X amount of items, try to pick up another, find I canít, try to pick up something different, find I can. Aarggghghh! Then I need to use my computer but I canít because I donít have all the required items but it never tells me what they are. Then there's the DVD player and the DVD I have but only WATCH DVD works. Attempts to use it, turn it on, etc, etc, donít.

But, finally, I got everything to work and there I am, transported to the Plains of FantasyÖ and the bugs here hit so hard even the most heroic hero in a world of heroes would be left running off with his D20 between his legs. I checked my inventory at one point and saw this oddity:


Between one move and the next I appear to have become two different characters. I was further confused when trying to give my sword to Hotgurl19 and being told that I couldnít give away items that I didnít have. Yet I did have it. It was right there in my inventory. Only, funnily enough, when I tried to GET SWORD *again*, it let me pick it up a second time and after that finally seemed to realise I was actually carrying it.

As for what Hotgurl19 is like? Beats me. I canít examine her because the game doesnít seem to understand who I'm referring to. I can talk to her, but following every conversation option fails to get me anywhere. In a game where interaction (of a very specific kind) with the sole female NPC is required, the fact that you canít even examine her is a major flaw. In the end, I just had to quit. The writing was nice enough and the setting was kind of amusingly tongue-in-cheek, but this game is a long, long way from being finished and is in desperate need of some proper testing.

Arousal: (as I didnít get as far as a proper sex scene) not much.

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