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The Pizza Boy Reviews
Author: Gray64
Date: 2009

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 4 Ė April 2009)

Basic Story

What a night! If the raging thunderstorm weren't enough, two out of your last five deliveries turned out to be prank calls. The three that were legit tipped like it was the Roosevelt administration. The first Roosevelt
administration. Oh well. No one ever became a pizza boy to get rich. One more stop and you can call it a night.

Overall Thoughts

That opening line not only sets the stage for the game, but also immediately engaged me in it. Why? Well, part of it probably has something to do with my brief stint as a pizza delivery boy way back in high school.
I can identify with prank calls and nearly non-existent tipping. Part of it was also the way it was written. He could have just said that the tips from the three pizzas he delivered sucked, but adding the Roosevelt
thing was a good joke (at least for us Americans) and raised my hopes for the rest of the game. Actually one thing that I really liked was the humor inserted throughout the game. Itís tongue in cheek, quirky, and
oh yes, funny. If you havenít tried driving away after delivering the pizza, but before going inside, try it.

Puzzles/Game Play

There is really not much in the way of puzzles in the game. There is one big one that you have to do before you can get to the good stuff, but it is so self-explanatory that it didnít work out to be much of an issue.
Interestingly, this was evidently not always the case. This game was released, and when people were having a couple of problems with it the author pulled it, tested it, fixed it, and re-released it. Although I
didnít actually download it until the fixed version was already out, I still tip my hat (if I were wearing one) to the author for going this extra mile to fix the game.


The sex was well written and hot with a couple of lengthy blocks of text to get your motor running. The only downside is the same problem that I had with the game as a whole, it was too short. You basically just
get one run-through of the main (rub/lick/fuck tits/ass/pussy) sexual commands, and repeating any task just repeats the same block of text.


While there werenít any really bad bugs or errors, there was one thing that I found a bit annoying. In the lab there are three cylinders and three switches on the console, but there is not really any way of telling
which switch operates which cylinder. Itís pretty clear that Sheena just stepped out of one of them, and that her ďsistersĒ are in the other two, but which do you open next? Opening the correct one ends the game, and
there is no penalty for opening the wrong one first. Actually, the story flows better if you DO open the wrong one first. My problem was that I didnít, and then had to load the game back up and try it to see what
happened. Sorry, Iím trying to discuss this without actually saying what Iím talking about so as not to spoil anything for anyone. Obviously an object in futility and it was a pretty damn minor thing anyway so just
forget I said anything.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this was a good effort for a new author. Although I would have liked to have seen it a bit longer, with a bit more done along the way Ė and especially with the sex scene Ė I can certainly understand (and I
completely agree) why a first time author would want to keep his first game short. What is here is well-written, funny, and engaging. If I have one MAJOR problem with the game, itís this. During all my many
weeks as a pizza delivery boy, I never once had hot, sweaty sex with gorgeous sex clone created in a secret laboratory in the middle of nowhere. Some guys have all the luck.

Rating: C+

Reviewed by BBBen

A short ADRIFT 4.0 game, The Pizza Boy is about, yes, a pizza boy who gets some action. This one won't take up much of your time, as even for a mini-comp game it would be rather short. It was not entered into a mini-comp, however, and if it had it might have at least been played a bit more, as I'm sure people give the mini-comp games a go. This is a light-hearted game, with a cartoonishly hot babe and a b-movie sort of story. In fact, in some ways it sort of evokes the first Sam Shooter game without One-Eyed Jack's trademark casual sociopathy. The game's not complicated and you may be left wanting a little more, but this is an author we could see more from, as the game comes off surprisingly well for something so modest in scope.

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