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The Pilfers Reviews
Author: Daniel Budle
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Author needs to work on grammar and spelling. Too many run-on sentences and mispelled words. Red room puzzle is ridiculous (once you read the paper you have 20 turns??) and blue room puzzle is nicely stolen from Labyrinth (but I appreciate that). 1.

love the labrynth style 1st puzzle and a great introduction (even though blatently clear word spell checker was used>.<) shame about the ending, but then again reminds me of teh Cube films, the masters of vague endings. 7.

A wordy sci-fi introduction led neatly into some massive confusion as I repeatedly tried to examine objects before I realised that I had to read the instructions before I was allowed to see anything. This wasn't too much of a problem, but it didn't really make sense either. I couldn't solve the first puzzle logically (I thought it was the other door, and those weren't the questions I wanted to ask), but it wasn't random and eventually I just went the other way. The second room really summed things up. Key objects weren't implimented (if I have to interact with an object, I should at least be able to see it), and I had to examine and prod every single thing multiple times to get past the gtv. There were a few typos, more than the other entries, but not enough to seriously detract from the game. But the lack of implimentation did. The story was okay though, and I eventually managed to complete it after peeking. 3

This one is a lot different than the others, having a meaty intro for a start. Needs some work on the grammar and spelling though (Terrance awakes awakes in a blue room, for example).

I don't really understand the blue room puzzle. I managed to get through out of chance. Probably just me being thick, though! The puzzle in the red room was frustrating, because I couldn't examine the light bulb or the cable. Then when I 'took' the bulb, I could examine the bulb, which simultaneously existing hanging (barely) from the ceiling, and in my inventory. After this, if I want to take the bulb (from the desk, say), I have to stand on the bed! I also see from the generator that I can only view the hole if I do look*hole, when I always use x - so I didn't notice this for the longest time. Also, other attempts to break the window indicate that there's no point in trying.

I found this game okay, but ultimately more frustrating than fun. 4.

Liked the truth/lie puzzle, not so keen on the time limit. 5.

I think there may have been some contradiction in the beggining of this game, where both mic's say yes to question C&3. 3.5

Judging from the writer's posts on the forum (spelling and grammar errors galore), I had a horrible feeling this was going to be bad. And it was. Frequent spelling misakes ("avarage"), terrible writing and almost no item descriptions are implemented. 90% of the game's text seems to be in the introduction. The first room has a couple of doors but I can't examine them; the second has a light bulb and a cable that can't be examined. I couldn't force myself to continue playing after that. 1.

A little too much fiction, not enough interaction with this confused piece of work. If the massively over-descriptive beginning- which could have been summed up to the same effect in two sentences-doesn't put you off, then the first puzzle will. Due to a number of bugs, it would seem it simply requires guess-work in the end. 

The second room and puzzle sequence is very average, but the ending, although rushed, is conclusive and ties the story up as best as possible.
A valiant attempt. 2. 

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