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Pete's Punkin Junkinator Reviews
Author: DCBSupafly
Date: 2010

Reviewed by J. J. Guest

Comments: A fun game that quickly generates a real cohesive sense of place; the dirt road and its weird hillbilly inhabitants. Well written with a nice chatty tone. Oddly the game finished before I was quite ready - I had another ingredient I wanted to try! However this gives the game great replay value.

Reviewed by Wade Clarke

An original idea with very good implementation for a three-hour game and a variety of scoring outcomes. It's also cool that where there are extra items (e.g. the shovel), you are rewarded for using them logically.

Reviewed by BlueMaxima

SCORE: 8.5
Comments: Clever, well written and no real bugs noticeable.

Reviewed by Eric Anderson

SCORE: 6.10
Comments: GTV: "turn crank" not implemented. Puzzles: Some were good, some needed work. Missed incorporating the title. In punkin patch, no directions. Can't go "in" house. Examine failed several items.
Fun discovering the different pumpkins (correct spelling ) Didn't notice a bat was available. Task to acquire eye of newt incomplete.

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

This year, I've decided to associate a song by Rush with each game along with its score.
SCORE: 8 Jack o' lanterns out of 10.
Song: "The Working Man"
Comments: -Fun!
-I didn't think to >DIG at first, given I couldn't see anything implemented (like graves) to dig up, but the form of the shovel suggests the verb well enough that I got it without checking for hints or anything of the sort. A victory for semiotically
smart writing!
-Impossible to get best score since player "wins" after the fourth punkin.
-I'm glad its possible to play through without doing any gratuitous violence to animals (killing the bat and the newt).
-No hints.

Reviewed by Mel Stefaniuk

Comments: Interesting premise but the writing didn't really capitalize on the idea and the game never seemed as funny as it should have been. Lots of cow pies though.


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