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Peril in the Skies Reviews
Author: Adam Hendine
Date: 14-Jul-2001

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny

Basic Plot

The game is set in 1936.  You play adventurer Jack Darcy, a dashing, suave Indiana Jones-esque character who searches out magical ancient relics.  Your adventure begins as you are shipwrecked and continues as you battle your arch enemy in his floating fortress.

Overall Thoughts

I anticipated that revisiting Peril in the Skies for this review would be a pleasure, and for the most part, it was.   The story is quite engaging and the characters seem to have reactions to Darcy that are both very engaging and also appropriate to the storyís genre.  I especially like the way Sally keeps objecting to the way Darcy leers at her or tries to look up her skirt when theyíre climbing around inside the fortress.  If I have a main reservation, itís that the story and physical descriptions are given more detailed treatment than the sex, which comes off fairly generic and short.  I also felt the science fiction aspects of the game arenít really explained away properly.  Itís fairly common knowledge nowadays that there werenít robot-infested floating fortresses around during the 1930ís, but the game doesnít really describe to any degree where this one comes from. 

Puzzles/Game Play

I found many of the puzzles to require fairly arbitrary decisions.  For instance, to solve one puzzle you must have previously searched a location for an object, but thereís nothing in the text to say why the location should have been searched when other similar locations donít require searching.  Game play is interrupted by several instances in which itís necessary to save and restore in order to experience the entire content of the game.  Thereís one significant sex scene that, simply by entering into it, inevitably leads to your death.  Itís worthwhile to experience the scene (itís the one orgy of the game), but if you try to play Peril without using restore or undo, youíll miss it entirely. Another sex scene ends with your orgasm, but the author wrote in numerous ways for you to have that orgasm.  If you want to experience more than one, youíll have to save and restore.  This breaks up the flow of the game in an unfortunate way


The sex scenes are good, but not great.  My own preference is for more detail and personality in the scenes, and these seemed fairly generic, despite some good writing.  The final no-holds-barred-sex-scene is the best of the game.  Be sure to lead Sally into all of the rooms for different descriptions.

All of the expected sex positions are provided in each scene, and technically the sex is very complete.  I just wished for more explicit lead-up descriptions.  Also, the game uses Moist-like arousal, and the Ďcontinuationí descriptions repeat blank descriptions over and over: ďYou continue fucking her.Ē  These could certainly have been improved.


I found no bugs in the game.  Some items were missing from rooms and the vocabulary was not as complete as Iíd have liked, but these are minor picks in a game that is really quite clean.

Final Thoughts

This is a fun classic from an author Iíd really like to see return to AIF.  Despite some short-comings, it is recommended.

Rating: B


Reviewed by Clicky

I wanted to wait until I succesfully completed the game before I gave my opinion of Adam Hendines newest game. I didn't realise it would take me
quite so long though. I wanted to do it without the hints in this newsgroup but was still surprised as to how involved and difficult it would be.

Adams first game - Theatre, was an excellently written game which in my opinion (which I have given before now) was spoiled only by a few flaws in
the programming. Theatre is otherwise a game which could hardly be beaten on quality. Then along comes Peril, which is not only better, but one of
THE best works of interactive fiction ever. It plays like an old fashioned Saturday morning serial movie, except they could never show ALL the exploits that the Darcy's have. It even has the adventure in reels; The first on the ship, the middle reel on the Island, then the final reel in the fortress. I never thought I would say this about
an AIF, but whereas sex scenes are usually the main point of an AIF, they aren't even necesary for the enjoyment of this game, just an entertaining
diversion or reward.

Don't get me wrong, they are excellent (my favourite sex scene is fatal, but what a way to go :)) It's just that you could remove them and still have an
excellent game, and how many AIF's can claim that? The little extra details are often what makes a good game great, and this game has lots. The other
characters in the game seem real and alive. When Sally follows you around for example, she actually interacts with the locations instead of feeling
like you are just carrying her around like an object, which is how it's handled in so many other works. The interactions in the shaft or when
climbing ladders is of particular note.

As you can probably tell, I think this game is excellent and as for the flaws - what flaws? certainly nothing that spoils the enjoyment of the game
and fewer than most so-called professional shop-released games.

Looking forward to the continuing adventures of the Darcy family with relish.


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