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Paradise Hotel
Author: Blue Meanie
Date: 2006

Reviewed by A. Ninny (June 2006 AIF Newsletter)

Basic Plot:

As the assistant manager of a posh resort on an island in the Pacific, you’re in charge of guest satisfaction. You must provide satisfaction to all the guests in order to get a shot to have sex with your beautiful boss, Marsha.

Overall Thoughts:

This game is the quintessential sex romp. It’s the game someone is always talking about making: behind every door a girl and with every girl at least one sex scene. In games like these, the story is always a bit thin and the motivation for each character to have sex is certainly a stretch, but that’s the nature of the genre, and for better or worse this game is no different. Still, it’s fun. The sex is quite well written and each NPC is sufficiently different so that the sex doesn’t get boring.


The puzzles in this game are refreshingly easy and well-implemented. Generally, all the puzzles involve getting people alone by hooking up their companions with other NPC’s. You’d think it might be difficult to figure out who to hook up with whom, but it isn’t. There is one character whose job it is to provide information about each character’s basic needs, and Blue Meanie’s narration frequently acts to provide useful hints, like “You should talk to so and so before you tell her about that.” As a result, I never found myself trying to guess what a character needed to go to the next stage in our relationship.


The sex in the story is quite enjoyable and well-written, and considering the immense number of partners and locations, reasonably varied. It helps that the characters are quite varied from one another in age, marital status, nationality, body type and sexual interests. He exploits these differences to try to make the experience with the NPC at least somewhat different in each scene. Of course, being true to a proper romp, the sex is dripping with cliché: The PC’s penis is immense, a teenage girl goes for anal sex, etc, etc, but that’s ok in this game.

There is one homosexual interaction in the game. Blue Meanie gives the player a warning and the option to skip it.


Recalling the diabolical guess-the-verb sequence in Blue Meanie’s previous game The Dinner Party, in which many a player tore out his hair trying to pour and serve the wine, I feared for my sanity when I opened this game and began playing it. My fear was unfounded. This game plays quite cleanly, with no serious verb-guessing and precious few other bugs. It does have a few very picky little bugs (for instance, if I try to ‘lick pussy’ with Ann in the Jacuzzi, the game responds “Tina’s not here”), inconsistencies (example: how would I know that Diane’s a natural blonde if she’s shaved between her legs?), I frequently get told off for swearing (especially galling if I type ‘NPC fuck me’ during a sex scene) and it could use more sexual synonyms (for example, I cannot ‘suck tits’ or ‘kiss tits’).


In several instances, it is necessary to examine a NPC’s body part in order to get past a certain point in the game. This occurs fairly late (at least it did in my play-throughs - the order other players choose to work through the different women may vary), when many players may have tired of 
examining every pussy, tit and ass. Players should keep this in mind.

Final Thoughts:

This is a fun, lightweight romp, from an author who’s making a name for himself through the creation of fun romps. It a bit hackneyed at times, and maybe a bit too simple, but overall a good effort.

Rating: B-

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