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Pervert Action: Legacy
Author: BBBen
Date: 2016

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by manidaw

TYou play as some dude who's lucked into a mansion full of maids who have to do your bidding. I won't spoil anything about the game itself but there is a story driving you forward. To avoid spoilers as much as possible I will just give the story category a score/light explanation and move on from there.

Gameplay: 3.5 stars. The game is constructed in Adrift. I've never used or heard of adrift so I'm not sure what bearing that has on the construction of the game itself. In any event you have to type commands for the game to move in any direction and perform certain actions. The auto-complete for this system can cause slow downs on the gameplay but that's easily remedied by turning it off. The 3 screens are dedicated to the map, text/commands, and images. The image screen honestly has an issue with the images. The instructions within the game call for a certain aspect ratio(which is sorted by simply clicking the screen) but that aspect ratio simply cuts off part of the picture. There is a combat system but it is done by the same text commands as previously mentioned and wholly suffers for it. Unfortunate because the game is fun. I did have to add .5 stars to this section because the game features voice acting. Not 100% throughout the game but there is voice acting that definitely adds to the fun. Some of the delivery can be...lacking...but it overall does add to the game. There are also plenty secrets to be found if you care to search.

Art: 3 stars. You remember those oldschool flash hentai games that had 3D models that were...lacking. Well this game is exactly the same as that. They're passable but if you look for longer than 5 seconds at their face or gravity defying breasts it becomes...unsettling. But it is full 3D models along with some animations which is pretty fun for a game with such a relatively small download size.

Story: 3 stars. The story is there and it serves to give a reason for your actions but it's...eh. There are multiple endings though so you can keep going back for more if you want.

Accessibility: 3-stars. You're either going to love or hate the controls. It's tolerable but you'll either get used to it or rage quit.

Overall: 3.1. This game/style has a lot of potential but it's most assuredly more work to bring it to its full potential than a small group can achieve. It has promise and there's a lot of love that went into it and for that it deserves all the respect in the world but it couldn't save the game from being...middling. There are great things and bad things that come together to make it average.




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