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Pervert Action: Future
Author: BBBen
Date: 2013

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Campbell

This game has everything. A gripping and innovative storyline, detailed adult scenes (you get your first taster quite soon into the game), a unique scoring system (you have to progress with each girl individually, and you have a series of portrait cards to collect). There are lots of side puzzles and Easter eggs, and due to the way you can't win completely on a single go, the replay factor is very high.

All round, I would say this is the best AIF game I have played, and probably one of the best ADRIFT games.

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Reviewed By AnotherWannabe

The problem with these sorts of games is that there never seems to be enough of *them* and enough *content*. Sure, there's 6 intricate, well-developed characters here, but where are the other 300? Why can't I screw Taka and Ayane at the same time? Why doesn't the game fulfill my ever whim?! Answer me, damnit!

For that reason, I'm giving this game one star.

Actually, apart from some technical issues, the game is pretty brilliant. It represents two moves in the right direction. From traditional AIF, it represents a move away from being merely about solving puzzles and becomes more about storytelling and watching relationships unfold. From dating sims off which this game was clearly inspired by, it moves away from rote stat-building or CYOA mechanics. These are both good moves. So, while a commercial product might have a lot more content, I think PAF clearly has them beat in terms of innovative gameplay, combining the best of AIF and dating sims.

Throughout my playthroughs, I never found a character to be inconsistent or boring. This is an improvement to PAC, whose characters I think weren't nearly as successful or interesting. The effort BBBen went through to put some depth into each character really paid off, they transcend their archetypes the way PAF's never did. The porn-obsessed Chiemi, the exhibitionist Ayane, and the eager-to-please Yuri seem more like actual characters with actual sexual desires rather than puzzle rewards who put out because you gave them the right pen. Each character also has puzzles to solve and many solid individual scenes.

The fighting mechanics are pretty interesting and allow for some different builds and strategies, though there are very few actual plot consequences for winning or losing a fight which lends to the feeling that the fights are some kind of secondary thing. It would have been nice to get a scene or something after beating all the enemies.

Without giving any spoilers, the final confrontation with the Big Bad Guy is also not as dramatic as I would have liked. There's few choices to make and I don't think the buildup was as good with Pervert Action Crisis. Though there's mystery to unravel here, your character never really investigates much except, ironically, after you've beaten the game and have unlocked Harem Mode. As an odd consequence, there are some objects that stick out in descriptions (i.e. consoles) that cannot be interacted with because they only play a role in Harem Mode.

There are also some technical problems. Hopefully these will be fixed in 1.2.

One final note: PAF has production values. The 3D graphics, the voice acting, the quality of writing and the music selection all point to a labor of love. You don't get this with a lot of porn games (even commercial ones), which often feel rushed, unpolished, flat characters, without plot, etc. If we lived in a just world, BBBen would be given some sort of government grant to develop awesome games at his leisure. Unfortunately, we live in a mean, arbitrary world where people have to work hard just to survive. It's a nice thing, then, when someone puts out a game like this (for free!) for those of us without much money or time. Keep that in mind.


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