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The Oval Office Reviews
Author: Faraday
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny

An adaptation of the Bill Clinton sex scandal is as an apt setting for an AIF game as any, and this game takes advantage of and exaggerates preconceived notions about the virility of the former president. At least, as a story, this game is written convincingly and the settings and atmosphere seem plausible. 

The sex writing is nicely crafted and I liked the fact that you are moving from room to room and from one situation to the next as the game’s sex content advances parallel with its story content. This makes the game very linear, but at least this is held consistent through to the sex acts – you cannot go back and redo a sex act that has already been done, just as you cannot return to the previous scene in the game. The characters are sufficiently detailed, enough so that you at least know why they are there and what they want from one another. The background ‘characters’ make for nice atmosphere in the game and in the sex, making the clandestine sex acts more convincing – and hotter. Overall, though, I found the sex writing to not be immersive enough for my tastes. 

I didn’t find any major technical failings or playability issues in the game, which was refreshing. It wasn’t overly technically ambitious, but it certainly meets its obligations in being able to be played without causing frustration. 

Concept: 7. Good adaptation of historical event 

Characters: 7.5. Both characters have good atmosphere and a lot to say. 

Technical: 7.5. No issues but nothing too ambitious. 

Playability 8. No issues 

Hotness: 6.5. Fairly detailed sex writing, but not as immersive as I would have liked, and it is limited to one-time-through. 

Enjoyment 7. Good story and complete characters make this game pretty good. 

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 8 - September 2009)

Basic Story

You are the president of the United States and one of the interns catches your eye and your interest enough to see if something more might come from it.  Sound familiar?

Overall Thoughts

I think that the idea here is a good one for a mini-comp game, and it is implemented rather well.  The stage is set well, complete with little tidbits of historical background that help to flesh it out. 

Puzzles/Game Play

There are a few minor puzzles to get the game moving in the right direction, but I doubt they will give anyone any problems.  They are fairly logical and intuitive and don't suffer from guess the verb problems
that sometimes crop up.


This game is all about the sex, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I really liked how the scenes progress and escalate through different rooms and situations, building the tension in the player as the tension builds
in the characters themselves.  A bit more could have been added, allowing more of the tasks that were completed earlier to be redone in the new situation where more freedom is available, but I suppose that is
usually the case.


Although certainly not an overly ambitious game from a technical standpoint, what is here is clean and well done.  Very, very few typos and no guess the verb problems make the game easy and enjoyable to play.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I enjoyed the game.  The characters and environment have enough depth to allow you to get into the swing of things, and the sex writing is, if not incredibly deep, still well done and pretty hot.  Well worth
a play when you get a chance.

Rating: B-


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