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Author: Matt Ingrey
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Richard Otter

I opened this game expectantly and the intro sounded very promising. You are on deathrow but have been framed for a murder you didn't commit. So basically it is about how to prove your innocence from behind bars. A plot that has been done before but nothing wrong with that.

In the guide.txt file that comes with the game the author comments "Im not sure at the final quality of the game since i had to ditch the testing phaze in order to finish it...i guess if i do badly its my own fault!!" [sic].

New authors please please please take note. Never never never say this about you own game. This tells me that (a) you yourself do not think it is very good and (b) you didn't both to test it.

Golden Rule of IF: Never release a game that hasn't been played by at least one other person.

The game itself? Well it suffers from classic untested IF. Full of GTV and major plot issues.

For example, your cell mate is suppose to be one of the tough guys in the prison. Yet he lets you unlock his chest and remove the contents, whilst he stands by watching. Then he lets you uncover his carefully guarded escape tunnel. Errm no! He would have at the very least torn off your ears as an opening to further violence.

In the escape tunnel you can go no-where unless you type "go entrance". How do I know this I got stuck and cheated by reading the walkthru. How I was suppose to get this from the game? who knows? and now I'm feeling who cares? I certainly don't. So, game closed.

I'm sorry but I can find nothing to recommend this game in this condition. It is an promising idea let down by lack of proper testing.

1 out of 5.

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