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One Girl Reviews
Author: Dr. Khel
Date: 2001

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny

BasicPlot/Overall Thoughts:

One Girl has no plot. Instead, it is simply an experiment in expanding the number of commands the player can use and increasing the number of permutations in which the PC 
can have sex with an NPC. The NPC will participate in pretty much anything you can dream up, and will have ‘lifelike’ emotional reactions to your actions (she becomes angry 
and frightened when you rape her, for example). At various points in the game you receive additional objects (a rope, a dildo, etc.) to add to the fun. Your goal, if you can 
call it that, is to score all eight points (earned through various sex actions) and read all the sex descriptions.

Puzzles / Gameplay:

There are no puzzles, per se, but it is tricky to figure out all the different available sexual permutations needed to score all the points.


The sex is well written and hot, although some of it goes beyond what some would even consider to be distasteful—everything you might think of is included and fully detailed, 
including water sports, domination, a dildo that gets stuck in an orifice, fisting and rape. 


As this game is an experiment in sex coding, it is extremely well done. It doesn’t know the word ‘rub’ though; use ‘grope’ instead. Also, the girl doesn’t understand as many 
commands as I’d have liked her to.

Final Thoughts: 

One Girl is a fun sex simulator to play, and the writing is strong. I recommend that you try it, but I can’t really give it a grade, since it isn’t truly an AIF.


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