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No Ordinary Love Reviews 
Author: Vachon
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Basic Story

You and your sister Lucy are lovers.  Your parents have found out about it and locked her in her room. You have to find some way of getting around the obstacles to reach your true love.

Overall Thoughts

I thought that there couldn’t be anything more annoying than the author’s usual habit of leading you through the game one step at a time with no real choice of what to do next. 
I was wrong.  In this game you have a choice, you can do different things but none of them seem to make any difference in the end.  It’s one bug layered on top of another.  I talk more
about that in a moment.

Puzzles/Game Play

If you were playing this game the way that the author probably meant you to (not that I would presume to know what this author is thinking most of the time) then there are a
couple of simple puzzles that you have to get past.  In addition to the standard find object/give object puzzles there is a conversational puzzle.  A very simple one, true, but at least he was trying something different.


To say this game is light on the sexual content is an understatement.  There are two sisters in the house (isn’t it usually three?  Oh well) the one you are in love with (Lucy) and the other one (Kim).  The only sexual encounter is with Kim and there are a total of 5 commands if you count kissing her twice.  I suppose I could have missed one but I got all the points so I doubt it.  In most cases this would be a bad thing but this author’s games are the only AIF games I know that are actually improved the less sex they have so it all works out.


Ok, here we go.  Technically speaking this is the absolute worst game of his that I have played.  Let’s start with the big one, the locked door.  Lucy is supposed to be locked in her room but in the very beginning you can walk right in.  In fact, do you want a walkthrough for the game?  Here you go.

Fuck Lucy

Game done and if you simply must play it, I suggest that you use that walkthrough.  You still won’t enjoy the game but at least you won’t waste as much time.

But for a moment lets just ignore the fact that her door is wide open and that there is really no point in all the clever little puzzles he set up.  One thing you are going to need is the video but where is it?  I know there has to be one because when you walk into your parents’ room the description tells you “If you want to watch a move (sic), just type ‘play video.’” There are two desks in the room so that looks like a good place to start.  Open the left desk and you find a magazine, which you can take and read and which you need later for another puzzle.  When you open the right desk you find . . . nothing.  Hmm, that’s strange.  After looking around for the video I went back to the room and took a closer look at that desk.  You can examine the desk and the drawer but there is nothing in it.  I tried ‘x video’, nothing.  Then, on a whim, I tried ‘take video’ eureka!  The invisible, nonexistent video pops into being and all is well with the world.  The video is of your parents having sex and you can use it to blackmail your mother into unlocking Lucy door (which is already unlocked remember).  I assume that this was supposed to be the solution to getting into
her room.  There is talk of a ladder and climbing up to her window but the ladder is described as being broken, not that it matters since you can’t get outside anyway.

There are many other bugs but you probably get the idea.  Whenever you decide to go into her room, it always ends the same way.  As soon as you try anything sexual with her
she tosses you out for having sex with Kim and the game ends.  This happens even if you have never even seen Kim so like I said, anything you do seems to be pointless in the end.

Final Thoughts

This was a very bad game.  Even if is hadn’t had all the bugs it still would have been a bad game but with them there is absolutely no reason to waste you time on it.  I thought about giving it a few points for not making me sit though pages and pages of
fffffuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk mmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee. 
But in the end I decided not to since I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.  To paraphrase the comic book guy, “Worst Game Ever!”

Rating: F

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