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The Good Neighbor Reviews

Author: Reluctant Sire
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny

Rather than break down the game into the familiar review categories (Basic Plot, Overall Thoughts, etc.), I will use the format introduced by an anonymous reviewer of the 2006 AIF Mini-comp. This game is essentially a mini-comp game (3 rooms, 1 NPC), and so can be simply evaluated using a “what works” and “what doesn’t” format.

You are asked by a neighbor to check in on his teenage daughter while he’s away. You catch her misbehaving. Can you get the misbehavior to continue?

What Works:
This game falls into the adult-with-child sex category, and the strong characterization of the child (the teenage female NPC) is critical to the success of this game. You definitely get a feeling, based on Gwen’s attitude before you have sex, that this bad-girl character is a strong one and that her parents surely have a lot to deal with. Unfortunately, I didn’t really feel like this attitude translated into the sex scene, even though I thought the sex writing was lively and engaging.

Technically, the game works well and I didn’t notice any serious bugs or vocabulary gaps.

What Doesn’t:
While I did feel like the NPC’s character was adequately rendered, I didn’t think her actions were the correct ones. She should instead, I think, have been putting on a big show of being sexually experienced. But then, when it comes time for her to actually put out, she could get shy and nervous and the player then can feel more like the adult in the room, guiding her past what she’s done with boys and introducing her to what it’s like to be with a Real Man. In reality, the sex was somewhat generic and level (without one character having much power over the other).

Final Thoughts:
Reluctant Sire proves with this experimental short game that he can write AIF and I hope we see more games from him in the future.

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