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The Nasty Escape
Author: S11m0niC
Date: 2012

Reviewed by Po. Prune

Try to escape the basement and find out anything you can about who and why locked you in. My first Text Adventure. In later versions, i will add hints/cheats and fix any bugs I, or you, find. Also, DON'T EVEN TRY TO SIT ON THE BARRELS ;)

The above is the background information the player has when s/he begins the game. However, it doesn’t take much thinking to get out of the cellar. The real problem comes when you have to find out who and why you were locked in there in the first place.

It always amazes me how beginners almost always fail to have their games beta tested. And when I say beta tested I don’t mean having family or friends giving them a quick run over, but a thorough testing by “strangers”

The descriptions are short and to the point without too much filling which is nice. When you come across an object it’s stated so that’s no problem either.

On the down side there’s the usual missing object text when you try to examine objects mentioned in the text and this gives you a lot of “Sorry I don’t know which object you are referring to” responses.
There are too many places where there are no indication as to what player is supposed to do next. Exploring the house, once you’ve found the key, leads you to the bedroom and the old lady in a bed. Quite interesting player can lie in the bed… the old lady doesn’t complain :-) The old lady is the key to solving the game, but nowhere is there any “clue” on what to ask her about. You get awful tired of “The old lady ignores you” once you’ve punched in your thirties question.
All in all it’s a neat little game if you have some time to kill. But it could do with a makeover. As it is now the player will have no chance of solving it unless the taf file is open in the developer so s/he can check out the various tasks and conversation topics.

Reviewed by David Whyld

Right away, I knew I wasn't going to like this game. How did I know? Well, the author told me. Right there in the introductory paragraph, he says he's kinda "n00bish" and not to expect a lot. Ouch. Way to turn people away before they've even started playing your game.

Unfortunately, the game is pretty n00bish. Lots of items that can't be examined, room descriptions that don't change to reflect items being removed (the wooden box and the rakes, in particular, are still listed as being in their initial location even if you take and drop them somewhere else), the text jumping back and forth between referring to the player as "you" and "I" and no indication of what I'm even meant to be doing. Why am I in the basement in the game's first location? Why, once I'm out of the basement, don't I simply leave the grounds and escape?

I didn't play it till the end, but long enough to satisfy myself that there wasn't much of a game here. Definitely not recommended.

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