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Monsters Reviews
Author: Tech
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Cobra1

Well, I'm back to give this reviewing thing a try again. My target this time is the second release of Monsters by the Drifter "Tech". My first instinct was "He went back and FIXED things!"...okay, my first was really "What was so bad with the first one?", but I digress. Unfortunately, there are several things he missed in this release... Did I tell you could do that? 

When it starts, you are in a day bed in "Sissy's" and your bedroom. Naturally, you're laying in the day bed and know that there are monsters lurking about in your room. You must defeat them to save yourself and your family. Taken from the point of view of a young child's imagination, the concept is unique. It sadly devolves from a different POV to a nightmarish chore. First off, the commands can and WILL have you fighting with the game until you break down and look at the game in the generator. For example, reaching Sissy's bed requires you to "jump from the edge of your bed"...Okay, I tried "jump edge Sissy's", "jump edge", "leap edge" and "move to edge"...I even tried just "edge" to no avail. I found out that just typing "jump poster/Sissy' " would work. Well...WHY was the edge of the bed mentioned at all if it's not crucial to the command? Oh, and that wasn't a typo. The game didn't accept Sissy's with the s on the end. 

Speaking of Sissy, you oddly are not allowed to shake her awake unless you are on her bed...no clue why, but the game seems to force this. Your character is completely incapable of waking her on the floor. 

There's another scene where you can hit the light switch on the wall by standing on the chair, or at least that's what they tell you. You can stand on the chair and flail at the light switch all you like, but it will not activate no matter what. Apparently he put it in the game then forgot what he wanted to do with it...Despite the game telling you that you can use it when you "x" it. 

Then, there are the missed ideas entirely...one more scene tells you that you can unlock and open the door while another tells you that the coupe in the room can be driven. Where these two things collide is that you can head down the hallway WITHOUT unlocking and opening the door! You would think this was crucial, but the magic of the coupe allows you to coast straight through the door unheeded. In fact, I didn't know I should have opened until later... 

Unaffected by death 

The good and bad thing about this game is that you can never be killed. Many times I triggered a monster in this game and was "taken back to day bed". However, the game once again tells and doesn't. You can wander nearly ANYWHERE and not be truly affected. Enter the closet without killing the monster in there, take the light and chair then exit again just fine. The game will say you've been attacked, but you will be in the exact place you should be with all items intact. Sadly, this later causes into one of the strongest game stoppers I've seen. If you head further down the hallway later on, past your parent's bedroom, you will be trapped in the hallway north of your bedroom with no way back to the main hallway. This can be frustrating if you defeated all of the monsters prior to this, only to be trapped by faulty programming. 

So what exactly is going on out there? 

As I wandered, I questioned more and more about the game. Electric lights are being used, the mother is sleeping, the hallways and all are dark...Yet, the shades let in sunlight and you are on your day bed. You find a flashlight that destroys on monster, but it doesn't kill the monsters in the dark hallway. You wake up Sissy and she asks you "what's up", yet you do not reply(despite the game speaking for you in several other cases). She is standing half-asleep, yet she can pedal full power down a hallway...I'm just looking for a little consistency here. 

Also, when the final monster dies, the game doesn't end...you have to go to a specific room and TRIGGER the ending. A room that usually kicks you out of the game when you go there early...Why would you go there when you are done? Shouldn't there be some victory speech as well? You kill several monsters, but evidence of their presence(goo, how things look) is still there. 

In all, I was rather disappointed. To go over the game and STILL miss this much is just wrong...The concept was great, but it's a shame the execution was so sloppy... 

2/10(monster bait) 

Reviewed by David Whyld

I liked “Monsters” from the start. It was nicely written but failed to be particularly frightening as it should have been concerning, as it does, the monsters that every little kid firmly believes are hiding under their bed. Personally I’d have preferred it if the monsters were heard but not seen because they didn’t seem to have the same effect when you've seen them.Guess the verb was bad in a few places: “daybed” says the room description, “bed” is what the game understands. There was also an annoying event which ran every time I seemed to be making any progress whereby mother would show up and carry me back to my bed. This happened a couple dozen times and I began to wonder if it might have been better if there was a limit to how many times this should have happened.All in all I found “Monsters” a fairly above average game. It’s small – as it had to be to fit inside the competition’s size limit – but there is quite a decent game here.

Game: 6 out of 10

Reviewed by DIY Games (May 2004)

This is a very lovely interactive fiction game, played from the point of view of a little child. You can't sleep, as there is a monster under your bed and another in the walk-in closet, and you've got to make sure you've chased them off first. Considering the great care that was put into the room and item description, and the wealth of background information, I suspect that the game has been written by one of the parents. 

Reviewed by Eric Mayer

A very enjoyable take on the classic monsters under my bed theme. How do you and your sister escape your monster infested bedroom? Some easy puzzles, a clear storyline. I liked the ambiguity created by one event about whether the monsters are real or just imaginary. This game seemed well paced with a nice climax and is replayable since you can escape without gaining all the points.

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