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The Monster in the Mirror 2 Reviews
Author: Mystery
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Robert Rafgon (Reviews Exchange Issue 4)

The story of The Monster in the Mirror 2 ties together the trilogy. The first and third parts can work better as stand-alone games, but this game works better when combined with them to provide the link. The story could be better, but it is adequate, and it is only an excuse for the main purpose of the game, which continues to be wandering around the surreal environment. Most of the comments I made about the dream-like atmosphere in my review of the first part can also be applied here. 

This game is an improvement in both the descriptions and puzzles, as it is more logical. By more logical, I mean the logic within the context of the game is more consistent, not that the game has become more realistic. The puzzles make more sense, and I did not have the same difficulties in playing hunt the required object. The improved ease of playing is partly because this game builds on some of the ideas and locations of the first game. It is also because the game is easier and shorter than the first game.

I found the Monster in the Mirror 2 more fun than the original. I would recommend that the original be played before this game, as it will make more sense. 

Score - 5/10

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