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Mr. Fluffykin’s Most Harrowing Misadventure Reviews
Author: Justahack
Date: 2009

Reviewed by James Webb (revgiblet)

A most harrowing misadventure indeed, where one takes on the role of the titular bear and must help him find his way to school.

The player must do this in best CYOA style by turning to a variety of pages to read the next passage. This is done by, literally, typing "turn to page..." every time. I don't know if this was done to manage limitations (it essentially uses tasks as rooms) but it was unusual. In this respect, Mr. Fluffykins is nothing more than a true gamebook in digital form.

As such, it's quality depends on the writing and thankfully writing seems to be one of justahack's strengths.

I did not find the premise that gripping, and found that it was easy to break the rules by "turning to page 6" regardless of what page I was on and what options were offered to me (just like a real gamebook!). However, it was very well-written and carried off elements of satire well. I found the Curious George rip-off ending the most amusing, though it's a testament to justahack's skill that I was required to play the game until I had exhausted all of the options and read all of the endings.

Perhaps not the best game, but a very fine entry. You are not justahack.

Reviewed by Duncan_B

2nd place: Mr. Fluffykin’s Most Harrowing Misadventure, by Justahack.

The writing probably got perfect attendance at the same charm school where Homeless Harry was constantly & conspicuously truant. Structuring the game as a CYOA was a clever way to get around the task limit imposed for the competition, and allows for multiple endings (wins, losses, & otherwise) as a matter of convention. Clearly a lot of writing went into the game, and it was generally well-organised.

Still, the game suffered from some problems that kept it from taking first place. The story file contains a lot of spelling & grammatical errors, especially regarding the usage of apostrophes… "Fluffykins", "Fluffykin’s", "Fluffykins’", and even just "Fluffykin" are all used inappropriately at least once. At times a player was given false choices or even no choice (only one page to turn to, or else the choice was simply forced on the player, as in the Candyland scenario), which I didn't think made for a very effective use of the medium as interactive fiction. One of the endings mentioned in the readme wasn’t properly implemented, so it didn’t work. It would also have been nice to just type in the number of the page you want to turn to rather than typing "turn to page X" every time.

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