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Mangiasaur Reviews
Author: DCBSupafly
Date: 2011

Reviewed by Duncan_Bowsman

Winner, a game with one short, primary verb for the easily distracted [>EAT]. Reminiscent of E.V.O.: Search for Eden, the player is a dinosaur-like monster in a prehistoric world, eating everything in sight. Nom, nom, nom-- a yummy treat and a quick play, do try.

Reviewed by Marius Müller.

 A mangiasaur has no pockets. It has only a stomach.

This, like Conan kills everything, takes singular determination and then has great fun with it. As a dinosaur intent on staying alive and growing, your quest is to explore your environment and eat anything that is or seems edible. You'll grow some bonus appendages and get skills from what you eat, and that helps you eat even more things. It's all played for laughs, and the game is short enough for that to work. There's some sketchy implementation, and I was never quite sure what level of intelligence I was to assume for my dino, but the game sure is fun while it lasts and I always like it when the protagonist is fine with violence being the answer.

It would've worked a bit better if the implementation and descriptions had been a little less sketchy (a few time I was afraid I had broken the game due to bugs). As it stands, Mangiasaur is a refreshing, new kind of IF protagonist, who really plays to the strength of the medium, who hasn't quite got the world to back him up. It aims to be a fun little romp, and at that it succeeds.

Reviewed by Sam Kabo Ashwell

An IF implementation of a fairly common videogame trope: eat things to get bigger so that you can eat bigger things. Mangiasaur is a world with the same bright, cartoony colours and magical-logic you'd expect in an early-aughts console game. There are a few notes which come across a shade more darkly, but mostly it's pure entertainment: don't expect involved puzzles, deep content or elegant design, but you will get light humour, satisfying gameplay and occasionally lovely notes of setting.

Adapting videogame mechanics to IF poses a number of problems, and one of the biggest is repetition. IF isn't really well-suited to problems of the 'kill 10 rats' type; the paradigm is hand-crafted, individual scenarios. Mangiasaur takes pretty much the path you'd expect; you don't need to eat a dozen critters to level up, and the challenge is more about finding and identifying your next target, or getting at them with light puzzles. A simple map and a low challenge level maintain a brisk pace.

So: fun, charming. Totally inconsequential, but sometimes that's what you need.

Reviewed by Mathbrush

This is a fun little game where you play a voracious dinosaur that wants to eat everything. When you eat certain items or creatures, you gain new abilities.

It really was a lot of fun going around chomping on everything. It's easy and mindless at first. Then you have to use a bit of strategy to know what to eat first. Then there a few puzzles thrown in, which surprised me, but you are generally hinted in what you should do.

I found two endings, both of which were humorous.

Recommended for those looking for a short (30 min) bit of fun.

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