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Author: Bill Carroll
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 9 - October 2009)

Basic Story (From the game intro)

You play an 18 year old boy who looks to have a little fun on a boring day during the summer. Along the way you will try to get some from your sister's college girlfriend, and if you play your cards right you
might just get a little more than you bargained for.

Overall Thoughts

This is a straightforward sex romp with no real puzzles, and no real plot. Although there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, poor implementation, technical problems, and guess-the-verb errors trampled a
lot of the enjoyment out of the game and left a fairly mediocre project in their wake.

Puzzles/Game Play

There really isn't much in the way of puzzles, or at least there shouldn't have been. Game play involves doing one girl, which unlocks the next and so on. Each scene starts with a different command, but that
really doesn't work out to be a puzzle so much as a guess-the-verb problem.


There really isn't much else to this game other than sex, and there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. The writing isn't bad and a few parts stand out as being pretty darn hot. Unfortunately there were a
few problems with the whole thing. Leave aside for the moment that each of the four girls proclaim you to be the best they ever had (After all, if I try to actually put myself in that situation then, referring to me, their
comments are certainly valid). The big problem is that it felt like there was really only one girl. There was no real difference between the four of them, to the extent that you could have taken any one of the
description with any girl, tacked it onto another one's scene, and you wouldn't even bat an eye.

Another really annoying thing (for me at least) is that each response is a single paragraph no matter how long it is. There is also dialog sprinkled throughout, but in almost every case the author decided to forgo
the use of quotation marks, so it gets kind of hard to tell when someone is talking.

It is also very clear that the author had a certain progression in mind for each scene. By which I mean that he knew which command 'should' be typed at each step in each scene. Sometimes he actually blocks you
from making the 'wrong' choice. But even when he doesn't, it is still clear that he had the progression in mind and that I wasn't doing it right because you get some really strange responses. Like one response
mentioning the PC stripping, and the next saying something about the girl opening his pants, and some even stranger than that.


There are quite a lot of problems here unfortunately. I already mentioned a few of the guess-the-verb problems that show up, and there are a few more of those. For instance, the words 'touch' and 'rub' are
NOT synonyms. This would not have been all that big a problem if the author had chosen one or the other and stuck with it. You can probably guess by the way I put that that he didn't. You 'rub' the girl's body
parts, but you have to 'touch' your cock if you want to masturbate. Also, if you want to have the girls touch themselves then you have to tell them to 'rub' their pussy, but 'touch' their tits. The other way
around doesn't work.

Speaking of tits and pussies, the girls don't have any of them as far a looking goes. There are a lot of objects missing in the environment. That is bad enough, but it is much easier to overlook a bathroom that
doesn't have a toilet, than it is to overlook a girl who doesn't have tits (not to mention our poor cockless PC). Just my opinion, but there you go. Add to all this quite a few typo and spelling errors, and the game
could certainly have been cleaner.

Final Thoughts

If the author is reading this review then I have two words for you, beta testers. Nearly all of the problems with the game could have been fixed if it had been tested beforehand. At least I assume that it wasn't
tested since many of the problems would have been caught by a tester, and a lot of them would be pretty easy to fix. There are a few things that would have involved a lot more work to change, but just fixing the
easy stuff would have stepped this game up a few notches.

Rating: C-


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