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Late Work Reviews
Author: Vachon
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny

This game suffers a number of problems, some of which could be solved if Vachon let a native English speaker run through and fix his grammar. Others, however, simply stem from the fact that “Late Work” is just too simple, too quickly written and lacking any depth. The game has potential, however, and could actually come together with more work, simply due to its promising premise: a guy working late is interrupted while reading porn by a sexy cleaning lady. I think that is a good setup! But it needs is good motivation for them to have sex, stronger sex writing and character development, better coding, etc. 

In terms of motivation, the game’s beginning sex action contains a near-rape, and the NPC goes from asking the PC to stop assaulting her to coming (‘cumming’, as the author spells it) in the span of one line of text, with no reason given for her acquiescence, though later the PC basically blackmails the NPC into sticking it out. The end game apparently has an ass-rape scene but I couldn’t see it due to a bug. 

The coding (not the writing – I’ll get to that) of the sex is awkward in the extreme. It is necessary to do things EXACTLY IN ORDER and you CANNOT DO THEM MORE THAN ONCE. The order given is what it is, but doesn’t make much sense. Why, for instance, can you lick her pussy before you can rub her tits, or even kiss her? 

The writing of the sex scene is unfortunately juvenile, and both Chloe and the PC are lacking any character or reason to be present in the game. Even if you try to look past all all the MMMM’s and AAAA’s strewn in it as filler, the game’s sex writing is entirely flat. 

“Late Work” scores and mini-reviews: 

Concept: 3. The idea is a good one but the execution lets it down. 

Characters: 1. There may as well not be any characters in this game. 

Technical: 2.5. Poor spelling and grammar drag the game tech score down, as does the lack of options in the sex scene. 

Playability: 4.5. No real issues noted, other than the bizarre disclaimers and the problematic one-time-through-sex. 

Hotness: 3.5. The game is as about as hot as dry ice, but it is still hotter than some of the other games, hence its seemingly high score. 

Enjoyment: 2.5. Not very enjoyable at all. 

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Basic Story

You are working late one night when the cleaning lady comes in and ends up cleaning more than just the floors.

Overall Thoughts

This game came in 13th in A. Bomire’s 2004 mini-comp but probably only because there were not 14 entries.  The only good thing about it was that it is a pretty decent idea for a game and since I believe that A. Bomire was the one who actually came up with the idea, that cannot even be credited to the author.  Bad writing, bad coding, bad spelling, bad grammar.  Bad.

Puzzles/Game Play

To start the game you have to find and read the porno magazine and what human male needs help with that kind of puzzle.


Here we go again.  After playing Private Teacher I had hopes that the author had finally figured out that forcing the player to enter the sexual commands in one particular order was not the best thing to do.  No such luck.  Not only do you have to enter them in a particular order, but the order makes no sense.

The first command is ‘rub ass,’ which is ok but then it goes down hill.  I would have expected to be able to kiss her and rub her tits fairly early but that was evidently not in the mind of the master.  Rubbing her tits tells you “Not yet, work it up more.”  You have to rub and lick her pussy and have her rub and suck your cock before she is worked up enough to let you at her tits and as far as I can tell, you can’t kiss her at all.


This was a very short game and just didn’t have the time or freedom of action for a lot of bugs.  Of course, it could be argued that the lack of freedom is a bug in itself but since it had to be specifically programmed that way I don’t think we can call it that.  There is room for one rather large bug however.  At least I think it was a bug.   The last command that I was able to do was to fuck Chloe.  After this the PC says he wants to fuck her ass and Chloe says that she doesn’t want him to.  The game gives you a choice of typing yes to go ahead and rape her ass or no to stop.  If you type no it ends the game but if you type yes it says, “she does not let you do that.”  Now this may be a bug or there may be a walkthrough or help out there to tell me the right way to get at that tantalizing piece of prose but to be honest, I just don’t care enough to look for it.

Final Thoughts

The author took a rather simple, straightforward idea for a game and managed to just screw it up royally.  The only thing to recommend this game is a couple of funny little parts.  Not that they were meant to be funny of course but when you read something like:



You just can’t help but chuckle a bit.  Other than that, don’t waste your time.

Rating: F

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