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The Last Hurrah Reviews
Author: Priapus Rex
Date: 2007

Reviewed by Knight Errant

Basic plot
You're a "reformed" philanderer, on your way to Europe with your new fiancee.  Apparently, you're having buyer's remorse, because your newfound fidelity doesn't last through the first scene.  You roam around Europe with your fiancee, fucking all kinds of national stereotypes.
Overall Thoughts
Overall, the game feels a bit unpolished.  Many actions that I would expect to generate responses instead have uninformative default responses, and far too many objects are "nothing special".  Most of the variation in the sex scenes comes from the nationality of the person you're fucking.
Puzzles are relatively straightforward, the hardest part is figuring out the phrasing and actually finding the objects you need to interact with (or realizing that necessary objects have appeared without any indication).
It's a sex romp, with everything that involves.  Characters are fairly flat and descriptions aren't as numerous as I'd prefer.  However, that's partially mitigated by the fact that the sex scenes are placed quite close together.
A little buggy.  There are some typos here and there, and in the initial scene there's an apparently invisible stewardess as well as a few typos and grammatical errors.  For example: "Passenger is carrying a magazine."  Like many ADRIFT games, there are many guess-the-verb difficulties.  Just because the game doesn't understand the command you're using doesn't mean you're on the wrong track.  Similarly, just because an object is never mentioned in any description doesn't mean it's not there.  Because of numerous problems (guess the verb, guess the noun, even a guess the direction because an exit isn't listed), the Yahoo Groups and AIFGames forums will be almost essential to complete the game.
Given how so much of the game revolves around evading your fiancée who won't put out, it never really makes it clear why you're with her in the first place.  When you get caught, the wedding's off and the game ends, but I'm left wondering if that wouldn't be the better option.  The game never really makes it clear what the PC sees in Veronica, nor what Veronica sees in the PC ... neither of them have sufficient personality to make it seem anything other than a poor match.
Final Thoughts
Ultimately, Last Hurrah is a frustrating experience.  Most of my time was spent wrestling with the parser.  The sex descriptions are fairly hot, but by the time I got to the big finale I was just too frustrated by the parser to get into it.  However, judging by the comments on the Yahoo group, some people seem to have had an easier time figuring out what Priapus Rex intended the player to do ... if you're one of those people, then you'll probably have a better time with this game than I.
Rating: C+
The writing is pretty good for a sex romp and if you don't get annoyed by guess-the-verb/noun, it's a fairly fun game.

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