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The Leviathan Labyrinth Reviews
Author: Cheryl Howard
Date: 2003

Review: Cannibal



Firstly, good to see a new ADRIFT game from a name I don't recognise. Apologies if you are already on the forum under a different identity.

I wasn't overly impressed with the opening of the game. Confusion reigned. Too much going on and too little information. Was I in the future or the past? I didn't have the faintest idea.

Starting out restricted is never - IMO - a good opening to any adventure game. To slam a puzzle in your face early doors does not bode well. If you get frustrated or if the answer, however simple, eludes you, then more than likely the game will be abandoned.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded is not too fun a way to begin any adventure!

Overall, I didn't take to this at all. I felt there was a distinct lack of information from the word go and the opening location was not pleasant.

GAME 5 - 21/40


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