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Gifts of Phallius 2: Key to Eternity Reviews
Author: GoblinBoy
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot:

The world of Eros is in danger yet again, and playing as both Princess Dania, who now carries the Gift of Phallius, and a Captain in the army. You need to find the Great Positions to seal away the evil that is threatening the land.

Overall Thoughts:

Holy crap, man, this game is long! GoblinBoy has obviously put in a lot of effort here, with this tale spanning multiple chapters, with a large cast of characters and two main characters. While the original game took place in just one castle, Key to Eternity also goes to multiple areas, traversing across the fantasy world GoblinBoy has created.


Considering the nature of the game, some may be wondering why I have specified the game type as “Sex romp” instead of “Puzzle fest” because believe me, there are a lot of puzzles in this game. However, the puzzles are mostly of a simple nature, and are mostly solved with sex.

The idea of the game is all about finding things; both the Positions, all the points and as a nice little bonus, various books about the world of Eros.


The sex in Key to Eternity has a particular quirk that makes it unique. As mentioned, you go through the game learning sexual positions, and as such you can use these positions in any subsequent sex scenes as long as you learned them! This certainly helps avoid any tedium that some may find from the usual “fuck pussy, fuck ass, seeya later” scenes in other games.

Along with its fantasy setting, you’ll find yourself shagging more than the usual suspects as well. Various fantastic creatures are present, and with the dual protagonists, you get scenes from both the male and female point of view. Not to mention the climactic scene where you get to choose your point of view, which comes off quite well in giving the player another level of control.


Despite the wide scope of the game, I came across virtually no bugs or issues. While this is admirable, the simple nature of the game structure and its puzzles makes it hard to break, both from a programming and playing angle.


If the thought of sex with non-human (although still definitely humanoid) characters irks you, you may want to avoid this game. Also, there are two scenes which deal with near rape (although both are avoidable, and relatively easy to do so) so this may irk some players as well.

Final Thoughts:

This game is truly one of the more epic pieces of AIF I have ever played. As both a sequel and a stand alone game it is long, well written and enjoyable.

Rating: A

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