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Jinxtron Reviews
Author: Duncan Bowsman
Date: 2010

Reviewed by Jubell

What can I say about...Jinxtron.

A friend? A pal? Confidante extraordinaire?

None of the above! Jinxtron was more than that! It was a...mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a burrito with sour cream.

Okay so lets review...

Challenges: Jinxtron IS a challenge. Getting the words down, taking hints...cheating your way to getting up jinxed...since ole Jinxpot is your opponent it's pretty good at getting YOU jinxed. Put can you get un-jinxed? Can you jinx jinxtron itself? It's playable if you get a good pattern going.

The World: I won't pretend that I know who on Earth Duncan Bowsman and his brothers may be, more than likely they're a cunning construct made by the savvy Jinxtron as a premise for this game. I know, stop the jokes Jubell...

Okay so the cool thing about this is that you can pretty much picture your own childhood games of "Jinx" or "Who can stay quiet the longest" coming to the fore in this game. Other than that there isn't much of a world to speak of. Just you and the dashingly handsome Jinxtron. I...assume it handsome because when I tried to examine it during one of my silences it yelled I me.

I cried for hours.

Writing: I'm not sure I can judge this...the writing was clear and appropriate, no spelling errors I could think of (although I challenge the validity of 'ferple' as a word...it sounds like something on that Cartoon Network show "Chowder"). So good writing.

Overall: I thought it was a pretty innovative idea. I haven't played a large breadth of IF games but that is my opinion. Its...something you wouldn't think someone would make and when someone does you're like "This is pretty well done." ^^

Certainly an experience.


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