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Jason Evans 4 Reviews
Author: Sockets
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Cannibal


Text adventures based in the horror genre are not that frequent and the few that emerge are usually quite poor. Horror has so many strands to it but most dip for the hack and slash approach rather than building up a creepy and frightening atmosphere. There is no fear in blood, in truth. Robert Bloch described blood as "ketchup is just ketchup" meaning that we all know what it is and it isn't really that scary. He wrote the book "Physco" so I tend to thing he knows what he is talking about. 

Ramble over... 

This mish-mash of Halloween and Friday 13th and Jeepers Creepers and any other slasher style movie is a pretty horrible affair. 

The writing is poor and the action directionless. I couldn't see the logic in doing anything that could be done. The opening few moments are very off putting. A dream sequence that doesn't work and isn't scary. I was allowed to wander too much. A scratching sound became a rustling sound...going in and out of the gloomy room upstairs with the man...a gloomy room inside but with plenty of light from the landing...odd...it just didn't work. The hotel was equally frustrating without a door. A hotel room without a door? That's just plain daft... 

If you annoy and disappoint a game player so early into the adventure experience then it doesn't bode well. 

I am now very frustrated at playing this but I have re-read the intro for some clues. How do you sit in rather than on a pew? Why the countless tense changes? 

"Why did Adam And Eve do what they did?" 

After playing this, I tend to wonder that myself. 

0 out of 10. 

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