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Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld

Not the sort of game I was expecting from someone with the writer's reputation for adult fiction, and not really my sort of game either. The one room in this game is a coffin in which the player is lying (presumably having died at some point). Making progress isn't just hard, it's downright nightmarish: indeed it's one of those games where I just couldn't figure out a way to progress at all, ended up looking in the Generator to see what I had to do next and then sat there thinking "well, how is anyone going to figure that out?"

Sorry to say this but I'd have sooner had one of the games Chris is more usually known to write. It would have beaten this one hands down.

2 out of 10

Reviewed by the Mad Monk



Lovely writing, but... I'm sorry, but the puzzle sucked. I would never have thought to examine my heart. After that, all you did was wait for the game to end, too. Good writing, though.

Score: 22 of 40

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