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Hunting Ground Reviews

Author: Dannymac247
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Lumin

Hunting Ground is the first game I've played from this comp so I can't really say how it compares to the others (except for mine which are of course perfect and clearly superior to every game, ever, as well as most movies and books), but looking at the file sizes alone it's clearly the largest by a wide margin, and seems pretty ambitious with multiple puzzle solutions.

I admit I was getting really frustrated last night by constantly having NPCs walk in on me when I was trying to dispose of corpses, but this morning I discovered (what is probably) a bug where you can keep anyone from ever leaving the dining room and just drug them one by one and lead them away like lambs to the slaughter, which I am now shamelessly exploiting.

The subject matter probably isn't for everyone, and I've hit a few snags which suggest it could have used some more polishing time, but the intro hooked me immediately, the writing does an excellent job of putting you inside the head of a psycho, and all in all I'm really enjoying it. (In a twisted sort of way. )

Now as for a 'discussion' topic, I thought it was interesting that other than the obvious thing where you're brutally murdering people in various creative ways, there are also other 'mature' themes, mostly centered around the Alexia NPC. I was a little surprised at this at first, and then I had to stop and wonder why I was surprised, considering I've read plenty of books that were way more explicit in that area and never raised an eyebrow. I think it may have to do with the fact that for some reason (with the obvious exception of AIF) most IF is fairly puritan, even though for years now there's been this big movement towards "literary" IF with the focus on complex plots and characters. Why is it then that we still almost never see anything even remotely sexual as an element of those, like you would in a 'realistic' story in a book or movie or any other medium? It just seems like there's no middle ground between the extremes of the juvenile treatment of sex in AIF games, vs. mainstream IF where there's no such thing and the stork just solves a series of complicated puzzles to deliver a baby. (Hmm...did I just stumble across an idea for my next game?)

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