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Hungry Reviews
Author: Richard Otter
Date: 2011

Reviewed by DCBSupafly

SCORE: 7/10
Comments: It felt a little vague, but hey, 3 hours. Even in a competition full of non-hero protagonists, this was an intersting perspective.

Reviewed by Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 4/10

Reviewed by E. Joyce

SCORE: 4/10
Comments: It's a zombie game. It's not bad, I guess. The "This is a chair for sitting on. You're not sure what a chair is or what it's for" descriptions worked for me at first as flashes of humanity reasserting themselves, but after a while they just felt like lazy substitutes for figuring out how something that doesn't think like a human would describe things.

Reviewed by Mel S

SCORE: 3/10
Comments: I'm not a big fan of wandering around a maze-like blur of rooms so it was frustrating to have to do that here, especially when they're all so similar and are referred to as 'Some Place' on the map. There's a solid premise here but the map layout and constant deaths make it hard to have any fun playing.


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