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The Star Trek Chain Reaction: The Hornet's Nest
Author: Perry Parks
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Cannibal

Needs work... 

Yes, it needs a lot of work. I would suggest pulling the game down, taking on boards comments and suggestions and then investing a large chunk of time into making what could be a good game into at least a reasonable effort. We are all thrilled when we finish and upload our first text adventure - we've all done it, some still do - but alpha and beta testing is vital if you want the gaming experience to be a good one. 


Reviewed by Tech

Suffers from Mechanical Errors 

For the most part, as the alien species of the main player is unknown, so is the skill level of the author with ADRIFT. The main issues here are the suffering of mechanical errors within the adventure. Characters appearing within description. One time occurrences appearing within descriptions. Objects appearing within descriptions multiple times. The lack of "*" used in tasks. The story line needs to give the player more direction. These are a few of the mechanical errors introduced...

1 out of 10

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