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Author: The Lonely Wolf
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Basic Plot

You are home alone with (presumably) your girlfriend Faith, and decide to have some sex with her. The exact relationship is never defined; Faith could just as easily be your wife, your friend, your roommate, or any other female companion.

Overall Thoughts

As a member of the AIF newsletter staff, and also for my own enjoyment, I find myself playing every game that is released in the AIF genre - no matter how large or small, how good or bad. After all, you don't know how good or bad a game will be until you play it - do you? (Well, unless you read one of these reviews, that is.) Given that, I was very surprised when I ran across this game as I had absolutely no recollection of ever playing it, or even it being released. I also didn't recall any discussion regarding the game either. So, I couldn't resist downloading and playing it.

This game is the first released by Lonely Wolf, and I think the last. It appears to be a test game he released, basically to get his feet wet in the AIF genre. The game is extremely small, only three rooms with one NPC. In fact, it could easily qualify for the mini-comp. The game may not have been a test game in fact, but it certainly plays like one. As you'll see later, commands aren't fully implemented, the text hasn't been spell and grammar checked, and the game isn't really completed.

Puzzles/Game play

Puzzles? Game play? If you're looking for those, look someplace else. The game starts out with you in a hallway. A hallway described, by the way, as "just a simple hallway". That brief description is typical of the kind of thing you'll see throughout the game. There are only three rooms, and all of them have this terse, almost non-existent descriptive text associated with them. In fact, this paragraph has more words in it than the entire descriptive text for every object in the game combined. This isn't bad in and of itself, but it isn't good either.

There are no puzzles. You simply find Faith (who awaits you in the bedroom), and start having sex with her. There is a very minor puzzle in that you don't score points for some actions unless you have completed other actions first - but those actions are still allowed. I wouldn't really count this as a puzzle.


Well, read my comments above regarding the descriptive text for the rooms and objects in the game, and apply it to the sexual interaction. Well, this isn't actually fair - the author does go into much greater detail in describing the sex, relatively speaking. But going from using five or six words to describe something to describing it using ten to twenty words isn't that much of an improvement.


The game starts out with a paragraph informing you that you can have sex with Faith in multiple locations by telling her to follow you around. When I attempted to use the "Faith follow" command as instructed, I am informed that ADRIFT doesn't recognize this command. (Through the highly instructive "what shmuck" response, with which the author has replaced the usual ADRIFT response for unacceptable commands.) This is typical of the game, with incomplete or inaccurate commands. What is more annoying is the almost complete lack of capitalization and punctuation in the text. This sort of thing just drives me up the wall.

Final Thoughts

I would have dismissed this game as an obvious test version released as a "beta" (as some authors used to do before we became more organized in our beta-testing process) if it weren't for the fact that the README included with the game specifically states that this is the second release of the game, released as an update to the first version. As such, I have to assume that the author released the first version and got back a list of problems and errors, and then released this version with those fixes in place.

In my opinion, this game is really a test and should never have been released as a full "game" at all.

Rating: F

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