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Conversation with a Hitchhiker Reviews
Author: James Webb (as revgiblet)
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Confusing... seems to lack details that inform player what needs to be done. Feels aimless.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: I got to two of the three endings, but I'm not sure why. I feel very fumbly-stumbly in conversation-only games, groping for topics, and I usually miss some vital
topic and get stuck. I didn't get stuck here, but it wasn't clear if I was making any progress either. It's all question-response, with little to indicate if the game world status has changed in any way. I suppose if I played this over and over again I might figure it out, but I'm not really motivated to.

Mel S

Comments: I don't think this is as successful as James' other game but it's an interesting experiment. Trying to talk to someone clearly unstable and dangerous is a fascinating idea but I never really felt like I was learning about the hitchhiker or having any impact on him, eventually I just had to open up the generator so I could find the topics I had to trigger to survive the ride. This is a great blueprint for a game and with more time I think it could become something amazing but I don't think it lives up to it's full potential right now.

Reviewed by Alvin Echeverria

Comments: A high score only because it was the ONLY game that actually gave me a chill...had to use the debugger to find it though.

Reviewed by Lumin

Comments:  I did enjoy the author's other entry more, but this is still an excellent game that more than any other in the comp begs for an expanded version - it's such an interesting premise, and while James (impressively enough, given the time restrictions) managed to fit in three distinct endings, I desperately want to see Ethan given the full Galatea treatment.

The only criticism I can come up with is that the pacing seemed a little off, at times I ran out of conversation topics and could only hit 'z' over and over until the plot progressed a little and I could ask Ethan about something else. (I was also unable to tell exactly what triggered one ending over another, but that in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 5/10
Comments:  Not as straightforward as the author's other work in this comp, Drinks. This one is essentially just a conversation with the eponymous hitchhiker. The hitchhiker appears to be hiding something. The conversation is stilted, partly I think because that is the character of the hitchhiker, not willing to engage in real conversation. But it makes the gameplay a bit frustrating. There are three endings to reach, one ending you can get to in one move. Ending two is actually the easiest to reach, which is also the "good" ending. Ending three is hard to reach, because you have to go outside the conversation concept to reach it.

Not as engaging at Drinks.

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