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The Haunted House Of Hideous Horror Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2002

Woody's One Hour Game Comp Reviews - Posted on ADRIFT Forum

Reviewed by Woodfish

Authors deserve feedback, so here are my reviews of the games made in one hour, up on the ADRIFT site. Note that these are one minute reviews also!

THE GREEN PRINCESS---------------------
Very short game. Bit of GTV. Quite a humorous idea, decent effort. 6/10

A MACHOISTS HEAVEN---------------------
Funny little game, fairly good considering it was made in an hour. Some good ideas. 7/10

MICROBE WILLIE vs. THE RAT-------------
Different idea, not that well executed. Room descriptions too short, good concept, though. 5/10

Quite good, decent puzzling adventure, pretty well made. 7/10

PRINCESS IN THE TOWER------------------
Very good for a one hour game. Funny in places, some good descriptions. 8/10

EVIL CHICKEN OF DOOM-------------------
Quite funny, good ideas, fairly well made. 7/10#

A MONKEY TO MANY!----------------------
Quite good, but has some GTV and is very short. 7/10

JASON vs SALM--------------------------
Nothing much too it, only good feature is the ability to choose your player. 4/10

ULTIMATE WARRIOR-----------------------
Not very good, not much to do. Not very well made. 2/10

PICK OF THE BUNCH: Princess in the tower by Davidw



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