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Hard Core Reviews
Author: Hardcord IF
Date: 2007

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by David Whyld

90% of the commands I typed hit me with TYPE VERBS FOR A LIST OF VERBS. Not very helpful as the game seems to understand a grand total of 12 verbs (2 of which are QUIT and RESTART, 1 is LOOK and if WAIT does anything I never could figure out what). Only the bare basics of IF seem to be covered. Trying to have sex with Pam proved a nightmare (though considering the way she's described in the game it's probably a nightmarish experience anyway…) Pretty much nothing would work and guess the verb puzzles associated with trying to have sex just aren't my cup of tea. I suppose a simple FUCK PAM would have been too much to ask for?

From the technical side of things, the game seemed to throw error messages at me like they were going out of fashion. Aside from the constant advice to type verbs for a list of verbs whenever I tried something the writer hadn't anticipated, which was often, FUCK SAMANTHA produced ERROR: NOUN NOT AVAILABLE*. At other times I saw ERROR: SENTENCE FORM NOT ACCEPTED which was confusing to say the least.

* Admittedly Samantha wasn't present but I'd reached the stage where I was just typing *anything* to try and get a response.

But all that aside, the game's main failing is that it's about trying to have sex with a women that you're repeatedly told (and the feeling is hammered home very frequently) that you don't find sexually attractive. As a game designed to arouse the player, this one has an uphill struggle right from the word go.

After several minutes of pointlessly typing in commands to see if I could hit on the right one by sheer chance, the game ended and I was told I'd failed. Not a moment too soon.

Arousal: very limp.

Reviewed by Softiron

If you ever wanted the pleasures of a Rubik’s cube infused with an AIF game, this is surely your cup of tea.  The introduction is long, but entertaining, explaining how the PC has come to be a socially and sexually frustrated human being, and how he came to be married to a woman who doesn’t help matters any.  Now, a father of two kids and approaching middle age, the PC stills find sex to be difficult and unfulfilling.  But your wife is willing tonight, if you can somehow manage to turn her and yourself on enough to be able to go through with it.  Oh, and you have sixty turns before she’ll give up.

Even though the PC is depressing, and any hopes of this game being titillating are shot straight to hell from the beginning, I love the concept.  The verb “think about” certainly yield some more entertaining backstory (and sometimes some cruel endings), and approaching your goal feels similar to completing an elaborate lock and key from an Infocom puzzlefest.

Ultimately, however, I was unable to solve the Rubik’s cube, and the limited available actions hampered my desire to try and complete it.

But the promising concept alone was enough for Hardcore to finish in a hard 9th place on my ballot.

Stroke Meter: 


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