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Handy Man Reviews
Author: DeLaFlunk
Date: 2004

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Overall Thoughts: 
This game is a blend of NewKid's classic "Generic New York Apartment Building" and Christopher Cole's "The Gamma Gals" (in fact, DeLaFlunk states in his README that this is an homage to Chris Cole's game). I think it is the author's first game, and this shows in some of the parts of the game. For all of that, it is pretty well done and I think most players will enjoy it. 

Puzzles/Game Play: 
The puzzles in this game are pretty much straightforward - for most of the girls they come right out and tell you what they need done to score with them and what needs to be done isn't all that difficult. There are one or two "item" puzzles, where the girl is waiting for you to give her (or someone else) an item, but it isn't really clear at the outset what that item is, or even that she is waiting for it. To find out, you have to "ask name about fuck", something that I didn't find at all intuitive. Almost all of the other girls in the game respond to "ask name about sex" with either a "Let's do it!" message or a message about "I'd like to if you do this first". 

There are a few non-standard commands used in this game, but DeLaFlunk does a great job of letting you know within the game what those commands are, and when they are to be used. 

The sex is well written in spots, but a little generic in other spots. The author falls into the typical Adrift trap of having certain sex acts be unavailable for some girls; however, instead of filling in a message such as "she doesn't want to do that" you get a generic message like "I don't understand what you want to do with name." 

As mentioned above, there are a few technical problems in the sex acts themselves. There are also some misspellings and/or typos (using "your" instead of "you're", and stuff like that). One thing that really bugged me is right in the beginning where your truck is referred to as a car, and while you can "examine truck" you cannot "enter truck". This is probably petty and minor, but it just bugged me. There are some noun problems where you sometimes have to try to figure out which noun works. For example, "hedges" but not "hedge" (even though you can "examine hedge"). 

Another technical problem is in the descriptions of the NPCs: they don't change, even after the girl moves or changes. As an example, almost all of the girls in the game let you know they are ready for sex by stripping off their clothing and saying something to the effect of "Let's do it!" That's fine and dandy and I wish more girls I knew were like that, but the problem is that when you look at the girl she is still described as being fully clothed. You can then examine individual body parts and they work like they should, so at least it isn't universal. I should say that there is one girl who isn't like this; that's because she starts out the game naked even though she is supposed to be wearing a towel. So, her description shows her as being naked despite her clothed/unclothed state. 

Final Thoughts: 
As I said in the beginning, this game is a first effort for this author, who has also released another game: "Turnberry Manor". As a first game, it has the typical problems you find in most first releases, but I enjoyed playing the game none-the-less. However, I have to lower my rating because of some of the technical issues I found in the game. 

Rating: C+ 

Reviewed by A. Ninny

Overall thoughts: 
Delaflunk, in his readme file, claims his game to be an homage to Christopher Cole's Gamma Gals, but aside from the fact that it takes place in a sorority house, Handyman bears little resemblance to Gamma Gals. The main difference is that while Gamma Gals is decidedly of above-average quality, Handyman is not. 

In Handyman, the object is to wander around a sorority house fixing plumbing fixtures, while at the same time meeting and having sex with all the women. There are some puzzles along the way, and some guess-the-verb issues, but for the most part, the game moves along without too much difficulty- the women seem extremely eager to have you, and so don't throw too many obstacles in your way. For some of them, just the act of doing your job is enough to get them ready. For others, it is a little more complicated but it never feels like much of a reach. This is because I thought the NPC's are pretty drab. I found it difficult to become interested in any of them and found almost no differences between them other than superficial body part variations. 

The ending, in which the player is invited to be the sorority sex toy, is simply laughable and not nearly as hot as the author seems to think it is. I would have preferred a more realistic-sounding ending, something that follows up more on the theme of the souvenirs that the player receives during the game. As it turns out, the sorority sounds a lot more like a whorehouse than a sorority, thereby severing even the one similarity to Gamma Gals. 

As in the other aspects of the game, the sex in Handyman was pretty indifferent. While the descriptions of the sex were reasonably vivid, nothing about them was outstanding or very original. Most of the scenes were interchangeably generic, one exception being that of Freya, who gets turned on by hearing sex stories and then is a little more into rough sex and sex in public than the any of the other women. Aside from that one glimmer of heat, though, the game was pretty chilly. 

There is one serious guess-the-verb problem that inhibits the Freya interaction, and there are numerous spelling errors (the kind that don't get picked up by spell check: using 'their' for 'there' or 'your' for 'you're' or 'to' for 'too'). Other than that, I didn't find any serious bugs, and the sex sequences are not encumbered by guess-the-verb problems or clothing. 

Puzzles/Game play: 
The puzzles in Handyman are, for the most part, very easy. In fact, they are almost too easy and make the women seem too unrealistically willing. Only the Zoe and Freya puzzles require more than one action to solve, and are therefore the most interesting. 

Final Thoughts: 
To tell you the truth, I couldn't get excited one way or the other about Handyman. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really like it either. Playing it was like drinking Old Style. You drink it because it is beer, but you would definitely prefer something better. 

Rating: C 

Reviewed by S. Welland

Overall Thoughts: 
Overall, an enjoyable game. A few items throughout the game made it a little difficult to complete, which I will address under Technical. When a game is based on another popular AIF game, it is difficult to go completely wrong, and the added touches gave it a taste of originality. 

Puzzles/Game play: 
Being the puzzle fanatic that I am, I found the game to be a little lacking in that area. Let me restate that. Puzzles did exist in the game, but some of them didn't seem to follow a logical progression. The coffee is a prime example. It was obvious that it needed to be made, poured and delivered, but to whom? Trial and error answered that question. The response given when the coffee was delivered pulled it together, but that was AFTER you had solved the puzzle. 

There is plenty of sex in this game, but there was no order to being able to perform each act. You could skip all of the preliminary foreplay and just nail the current object of your pursuit. Some of the scenes were well written, while others almost seemed to have been written simply to "fill in the blocks". Freya was the exception and the most well thought out of all of the sex scenes. The build up needed to complete the scene with her was perfect. 

On the technical side, there were a handful of grammatical errors, but only a handful. Other items, such as room descriptions and the description of the water bucket didn't change after tasks had been completed. Also, there were so many unused rooms. I do understand that this can probably be attributed to the fact that the game was based on Gamma Girls, but the extra rooms proved to simply be a distraction. A NEW problem reared its ugly head here, though. "Guess the NOUN" instead of "Guess the Verb", whereas the word "cop", used nowhere in the game, had to be used to complete one of the tasks. 

Final thoughts: 
Handyman was fun to play, and given the fact that this was a first attempt leads to hope that DeLaFlunk will turn out even better games in the future, as the initial jump into AIF writing was a success. 

Rating: B 

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