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Gotcha Reviews
Author: Ruok
Date: 2004

Reviewed by A. Ninny

Another college campus game, this one is placed above “Freshman Orientation” for having more college-like atmosphere, moderately interesting characters, a voyeurism scene (unique among games submitted), good writing and a story that at least gives the characters a reason to come together for a sex scene. It also has a couple of puzzles that make sense and are challenging but not so difficult as to be frustrating. I also think this game does a good job of fulfilling the competition’s spirit – it is a wholly contained game with a story that begins and ends within the duration of the game.

My reservations, few though they may be, center around the simplicity and brevity of the sex
writing. I liked that the game included some domination scenes – again pretty unique in the
competition, but all of the descriptions of sex acts were pretty generic somewhat too short, and you get the sense that the author wasn’t as interested in this aspect of his work. Also, some of the sex descriptions and the description of Kristin herself don’t change between Kristin is tied up and when she isn’t, a flaw in detailing and execution of the sex.

There are a number of technical glitches, (game gets confused about when she is and is not tied up, you can see her when you’re blindfolded and other similar minor problems) but is essentially sound.

As a final note, I think this author shows a lot of promise. He has a good sense of how to make a game suspenseful and interesting, how to put fun side notes in context of the larger story, and is a fine writer and designer of interesting scenarios. I look forward to more of his work.

Concept: 7. There was a fun reason for the couple to get together.
Characters: 4. Basically flat, especially the PC. The NPC is somewhat more interesting.
Technical: 5.5. A number of errors noted, but all of them pretty minor.
Playability: 7.5. No major problems.
Hotness: 7. Mostly run of the mill writing. The setup is pretty good and the two-option game is a
nice touch. The scene where she dominates is a bit hotter, but it is too short.
Enjoyment: 6.5 OK story, OK sex writing but nothing fantastic overall.

Gotcha is scored 5th overall.

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