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The Golem (Il Golem) (Italian) Reviews
Author: Tristano Ajmone
Date: 2010

Reviewed by arlian34

Translated from Italian.

The world is beautiful because it is different.

So runs the famous dictum of wisdom. At the bottom are many areas where the motto is more than just a wealth of fact. For example in the world of fiction there is a great writer of prose and hard-boiled fiction writer. In the field of visual arts the artist's 3D post-modern neo-classical painter's style and clean.

And what does all this in the world of Interactive Fiction, which basically should be the connection between visual arts, multimedia, and a decent and engaging narrative style?

The variety makes it possible, not so obvious, to meet the authors of IF with serious side graphics and a good attitude toward writing.

Their products are instant classics.

Worlds interactive intriguing and rewarding.

Surely not devoid of stretch marks or minor technical problems but certainly valid, perhaps more so of embroidered retro adventures of 'cry'.
One of these authors is Tristano Ajmone, in his debut with 'The Golem', an interesting adventure to Text Adrift sent to the First Edition Competition of the Italian text adventure.

The background to the story is pretty basic: the player finds himself impersonating the role of Mirko, young teen struggling with the exuberance of adolescence and remarkably disrespectful of his grandfather, a Conservative rabbi by the pro-insane delusions cabalistic.

For reasons (in) just the nice old man made ​​a construct, an anthropomorphic dummy without a consciousness of its own and with lots and lots of playful urge to destroy, kill and e split. In short, a threat the whole pepper, perhaps less fearful of modern television commentators, but still worthy of termination. Especially since this construct, synonymous with the Italian Golem, in its genuine spontaneity has ended up killing his creator.
With Grandpa out of the game, it's up to Mirko trying to imprison the monster and destroy it once and for all.

The setting is classic: Perform the rite of final destruction will involve exploratory and a series of logical puzzles or simply 'collecting' (explore the environment, take the pen, use the pen, etc ...).
Although the thing that so it sounds pretty bland, the degree of challenge offered is fairly demanding and requires a minimum of reasoning about what to do. This is all to the benefit of the involvement of the player, intellectually tied to current events.

The real strengths of the game, however, are not puzzles but the style.

'The Golem' is an adventure of his time and makes extensive use of multimedia elements, from some of the themes sound pretty inspired, going for a professional graphics and ending finally with a loose and irreverent style, with influences from pulp fiction and irony intangible but omnipresent.

The sound is very nice and different environmental effects, water dripping from the dog's growl, contribute to the general atmosphere.
The Graphics are amazing: each room is equipped with a depth halfway between the cartoon and the graphic adventure from the early 90s. Each pictorial vision integrates well with the text description of the room and sometimes the interaction with the places will be facilitated by careful observation of their own designs. Probably one of the most recent Italian works, Beyond is just the same visual level.
The style is some uncertainty in the early stages but it is full-bodied and inspired. Suffice it to say that the whole story is so important cross-cutting themes such as the Jewish question and its final solution, even with audio and visual references to elements of a past world, which has left deep scars in the hearts of generations of men.
One aspect certainly be encouraged and that blends in full in the general typology of the work, at first glance a simple text-based adventure, but like many with a skeleton thought, interesting and blunt.

The fruits of the long beta testing, consists of a team of 6 players, you see and the very fact that he submitted his work to such a meticulous revision denotes an amount of work that is worth the game .

Finally, note that the author has continued and refined the work of Roberto Grassi for the Italian translation of English programming libraries Adrift, achieving a respectable result.

Judgement: A lot of work. Although perhaps some shades pulp may not meet the tastes of all, the work is really excellent and kidnaps for good multimedia, also because the system Adrift. The cornerstone of the work are the graphics and the mix of historical and fantastical elements, even emblematic of the growth and training of new generations of identity, always in search of independence from a world of adults remembering events far more tragic than just 'needed of transgression '. The idea that emerges from this adventure, which is absolutely not a mere means of pleasure autorefenziale, a warning is interesting: the innovation should not lead to a conflict with no memory but a clearer mutual understanding.

My final grade for the Golem is 9.75. I invite the author to translate it into English for a wider pool of resonance and points of view.

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