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The Garden Party
Author: Larry Horsfield
Date: 2021

 Reviewed by P/o Prune

I really enjoyed this game. It differs from most other games as you don't have to kill a dragon, slay a troll or free a Princess and win the Kingdom. It is so down to earth that it takes place in an ordinary back yard.

As a foreigner (Danish) I had a little problem with some of the commands used, but apart from that it's a well written game and absolutely worth giving a go.

Reviewed by Denk

This is a short but fun one-room game where you play the role of Clive Custard, partner of Prudence Lavender.

Prudence gives you three tasks (at least to begin with), which should be carried out in your garden. These are:

Getting the firepit lit
Get the waterfall running
Hang the chimes in an appropriate place

The gameplay mainly consists of finding the items you need by examining, looking behind, and looking under (search not needed).

Once you have the items for a certain task, the commands for carrying out the tasks are usually straightforward, as this game has been polished to Lazzah's usual standard with many synonyms and no apparent bugs.

So there are no ingenious puzzles, but still, I found it to be fun to explore the garden, reading the atmospheric descriptions, and looking for the missing objects.

Reviewed by Lumin

In this game you play a nudist fixing up the garden for his partner. Very progressive. I did feel a little rooted to the spot since there were all these described locations I could only interact with from the central location, but the writing and set up were all pretty pleasant and there was a lot to explore. The whole garden setting was detailed enough I wondered if it was drawn from real life.

I kept thinking I might wrap a tarp around myself at least so I could be wearing something, but the game was having none of that.

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