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G7056 Reviews
Author: Mike Firoved
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Cannibal


A pretty dire first game bereft on reasonable descriptions, direction and interest. The key failings of this adventure are the lack of effort put into each area. If locations are poorly and lazily written then a player will respond in such a fashion and head for the quit button. Okay, look at your descriptions first. Then move on to backing up the few things that are described. If you have a wall then allow the player to inspect it. Next, look at the introduction. It doesn't exist. It is a meaningless introduction. Who is the player? What is the year? Where are we based? None of these questions are answered. Also, conversation. You have a character and the first question I asked (about the hostages, logical question) was ignored. NPCs needed to be fleshed out far better than this. Take on board some of these points, and the others mentioned, and have another go. Don't rush to finish it! 

Reviewed by David Whyld

There's practically nothing about this game I could find to recommend: descriptions are minimal, most item descriptions are missing, the standard of writing is very, very poor. This might have been better put on the demos page and a request for people to play it and give their views posted with it, because it's hardly what I'd call a full game.

1 out of 10

Reviewed by KFAdrift

Needs more work

Sorry to say the good impression from the introduction is quickly broken by what follows. 

Descriptions, where there, are far too brief to give a feel for the game. The maps and the walls need to be added as objects as they are in the description. 

Surely General Roberts should be described. 

Reviewed by Mystery

Could be a good game 

The intro gained my interest but was quickly lost when objects were lacking description, (except for the pistol). The characters all need a great deal more to converse about. I would expect to be able to ask General Roberts details about the mission, hostages, and generator, as well as asking other characters about one another. 

It is obvious that this took some time to plan out, but unfortunately the players are not mind readers. With added objects, conversation, and overall detail, and perhaps a longer time limit, I think this game could be much better and quite enjoyable. I would encourage the author do these things and post an update, but as it is now, I cannot recommend this as of now. 

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