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The Fugitive Reviews

Author: Renata Burianova
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Victor Gijsbers

Your phone rings. You pick it up, and a voice tells you that "they" are coming to get you, and you'd better leave your apartment if you wish to stay alive. At that point the game starts. You type "look" and get a room description which mentions a "small table with phone". You type "x phone", and the game tells you "You see no such thing.". After examining a couple of more things (some not implemented), the bad guys enter you room and instantly kill you. Need I say more?

What follows--and I had only enough motivation to follow the walk-through--is a convoluted quest that makes little sense, involves mazes, and has you moving from one sparsely implemented location to another in a city that is far too big for the content it contains. I didn't play it to completion because of a guess-the-verb problem that the walkthrough did not solve for me.

Not recommended. It does come with a map, though, which is good and raises the mark just a little.


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