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Forum2 Reviews
Author: Woodfish
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld (1)

All in all I didn't enjoy this game anywhere near as much as "Forum" - it was better written but lacked the inspired craziness of the former game and while I'm sure it was intended as a comedy game it didn't come across as comical for the most part. And as for the ending... well, the less said the better. Strange just doesn't describe it.

So... better writing than the first game but a far lesser game overall.

4 out of 10

Reviewed by David Whyld (2)

While not as enjoyable as the first game, this one is certainly stranger. It takes place two months after the events of Forum when the evil Woodfish (name-dropping so and so…) has been defeated and the ADRIFT Forum has returned pretty much to normal - or as close to normal as it gets. But then you, once more playing Bob the newbie, receive an urgent call from the ADRIFT boss asking for help. A moment later he's gone and you're on your way to the Forum to find out what has happened. 

The opening of this game was better than its predecessor but I overall preferred the first game. While very humorous, in a decidedly corny way, to begin with, the humour seems to dry up once the game gets underway and it becomes more of a standard text adventure with standard text adventure puzzles to solve, most of which are nothing special and certainly not as amusing as in Forum. They're also very easy and that, combined with the shortness of the game as a whole, means that you shouldn't be spending very long playing it at all. The writing is good, the difficulty factor easy, the game reasonable. The less said about the ending, which was even stranger than the rest of the game, the better. 

4 out of 10 

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