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For3st House: Sacrifice Reviews
Author: Seciden Mencarde
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Scope of story too large for 3 hour comp. Falls flat. Screwdriver item unnecessary. Fight scene with Beast feels ridiculous--especially since character attacks unarmed when armed with a knife (a standard dining knife? vague-- butter knife? steak knife?). Too much exposition throughout the story. Characters don't feel sincere.
String theory elements come out of left field. Mencarde has a good storyboard for the Forest House series... now he needs to go through & develop it.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: I find it startling that the Forest House series has managed to extend itself this far. It's kinda like, you find some kid's chalk drawing doodles on a sidewalk
one day. Then a week later there's more chalk drawings similar to the first, but with the characters in different poses. Then the week after that, the kid's starting to use the sidewalk squares as comic strip panels, using the tiles in sequence to start telling a story with the chalk-drawn figures. It's still pretty crude, but you can't help but be impressed with the progress.

I only found 3 of the 4 endings. Someone please tell me what I missed!

Mel S

Comments: I hadn't played the first two games in the series before playing this which did make the plot, especially near the end, a bit hard to follow but I still got drawn in and found myself enjoying it. My only problem was with the somewhat limited room descriptions and the lack of interactable objects, it takes you out of the story when you see something like a bed or a dresser in a room and aren't able to look at it. Other than that I had an enjoyable time playing the game and it definitely makes me want to go back and play the first two in the series.

Reviewed by Alvin Echeverria

Comments: Glitchy. I got stuck in the furnace room and couldn't get the dumb furnace open went up although I don't think I was supposed to...I liked the way the rooms worked, the movement was cool. The ending sucked...

Reviewed by Lumin

Comments: Looking back, it's interesting to note that all three entries in the Forest House series were written under heavy restrictions, so with this game as well as the others it's easy to forgive the relatively minor flaws it contains. (The most notable of which are the room descriptions that disappear once a certain event happens. Luckily this wasn't anything that kept the game from being unwinnable, and anyway I guess it's kind of a tradition...) In the end I think I preferred Return to Forest House over this one, but I'm left impressed by the sheer amount of plot (including multiple endings!) that Seciden managed to cram into a three hour game. (Even if all the magitechnobabble at the end WAS a little hard to follow... :-P )

Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 6/10
Comments:  Low key intro. Good room descriptions, but virtually nothing implemented. 3 hour comp, I guess. Because so little is implemented, the actual puzzles are harder than they should be, because I then assumed that *nothing* was implemented. But there are a couple of objects implemented, which are crucial to the solution. The fight with the beast is a bit of a let down. The beast will happily sit there and wait for you to beat him. No threat. There is a complex resolution involving multiple futures and dimensions, which mostly makes sense. Mostly enjoyable, but not scary.

Reviewed by Mark Tilford

Comments: I'm not familiar with the previous Forest House games, and this game appears to have been too ambitious for a 3-hour comp; it runs out of implementation late on.

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