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Farmer's Daughter Reviews
Author: The Despoiler
Date: 2002

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

For reviews of the C64 original by R. W. Fisher and D. W. J. Sarhan

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak (Inform Port),

Quick question for you AIF punters out there. Outside of Moist, do we truly have any classics more than a decade old? The answer is debatable, at least. Some would say yes, however, and as with Hollywood, recreating such classics is always a big ask. And so we come to The Despoiler’s attempt to recreate the magic of The Farmer’s Daughter.

I first played this game nearly two decades ago on my venerable Commodore 64. At the time, outside of Mad Party Fucker (not as cool as it sounds) this was my first foray into AIF. As such, this game definitely gets the nostalgic treatment from me. However, will that nostalgia carry it through this port?

Basic Plot:

The story is a classic: door-to-door salesman’s car breaks down, he goes to farm house, discovers unbelievably hot daughter of farmer. After calling the garage, he finds he has a limited time to actually discover her. Standing in his way? The girl’s shotgun toting father and two Deliverance style hick brothers. All three of which are quite protective of the girl.

The beauty part of the story is that there is very little character interaction, especially considering that running into all but the daughter can result in a game over, and the daughter has to be found by herself. Instead we learn about the characters by snooping through the house, finding diaries, photos and the like. This also helps build sexual tension in the game as you find some interesting… objects as you go along.


Which brings us to the gameplay. Welcome to text adventures, late 80’s style. This game is, in a word, hard. There is a turn limit, and multiple occasions where you can die. So the challenge lies in getting all you need to get the farmer’s daughter “in the mood” (as opposed to just finding that one magical item that makes her jump your bones) while simultaneously dodging the rest of her family. This results in some trial and error, but if you think before you do then you should be alright. Guess the verb problems are few and far between, and considering the original C64 text game engine this came from, it’s a good step up.

Puzzles are of the “find the right item” variety, but there are some clever little puzzles throughout. Fooling these dumb hicks isn’t as easy as you’d sometimes think, while some answers are delightfully obvious. They’re all straightforward, and the challenge lies in having the right item at the right time, as even the best laid plans can go awry.


As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere in the game is built through finding the various tidbits about the character. And while you would think that having just the one sex scene in a challenging game such as this is a let down, the final scene itself is aided by the things you find.

Sure, perhaps you agree with the PC in the intro that the daughter is the hottest little thing you’ve ever seen, maybe not. But by the time you’ve learned more about her through her possessions (her diary was some hot stuff when I first encountered it back in the day) the conquest of this girl becomes a real goal. The scene itself is sufficiently hot, while not exceptionally long, but the build up makes it more than the sum of its parts.

Final Thoughts:

Is The Farmer’s Daughter a worthy port of a classic game? Yes. Did TFD even need porting? It certainly didn’t hurt. It took the basic gameplay, settings and story and put it into an easier-to-control package. There are some slight differences in some scenes (the loss of “and suddenly you have an erection you could drive nails with” is a sad one), but you wouldn’t really notice unless you played the two directly after each other.

All in all, a worthy port of a worthy game. If you’ve never played The Farmer’s Daughter before, what are you waiting for?

Rating: B

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