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Author: Vachon
Date: 2004

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Basic Story

Iím tired of pretending any of these games have stories so let me just say that the object is to fuck all the girls and leave it at that.

Overall Thoughts

The game starts out by telling you to read the notes that came with it because you will need them.  The problem is that no notes came with the game.  The place I downloaded this game from had the game file by itself, not zipped with any other files.  From what I can tell you are a college student.  There is another student who appears to be your girlfriend or maybe just a good friend who wants to fuck you.  There is another girl who you really want to be with.  There is the mayorís secretary who wants some and you evidently have some kind of history with the girl who runs the local bar but Iím not sure exactly what that is.  All in all this one is even more confusing than his normal games.

I actually wondered a couple of times if this was really Vachonís game or the work of some demented copycat since in some ways it is very different than the others Iíve played.  Although the English is certainly broken enough to qualify there is nary a sister or underage
girl to be found in the game.

Puzzles/Game Play

Like most of the authorís other games this one is very linear.  Fuck one girl and the next one is unlocked or you get an item to unlock the next one, which amounts to the same thing.


The sex, like the rest of the game, is very linear.  Try to do something too early and it tells you not yet.  Try to do something again and it tells you to try something else.  I really donít understand why the author didnít just make some of these into stories instead of games since, due to the lack of interactivity, thatís what they basically amount to.  There is enough bad erotica out there where it would blend in nicely and if you really wanted to read it you could do so in significantly less time without having to guess the predetermined order in which to type the commands.


There are no game killing bugs here but the normal language problems and lack of almost every single object you should be able to examine really hurt it.

Final Thoughts

It was nice to see the author try his hand at something other than his normal incest-fests but the lack of any plot, one-dimensional characters, and boring, linear sex scenes make this
an experiment that must be considered a failure.

Rating: F


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