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Falcon: Mean Streets Reviews

Author: Girion Voeros
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Overall Thoughts

This is the first game written by Girion Voeros. And the author warns all players that the A in AIF isn't that strongly presented - which it isn't, at least compared to some other games. But don't be fooled, there is plenty of adult action in this game, it just isn't as explicit as you may find in other games of this genre. The main focus of the game is on the puzzles and solving them. Normally, I don't play mainstream IF simply because I find the puzzle-intensive games less enjoyable. The character focus that AIF naturally has is more attractive to me (not to mention the "spice" provided by the adult nature), but this game has plenty of characters. In short, while the adult action may not be what you are normally used to, it was still an enjoyable game.

Puzzles/Game Play

This game is all about the puzzles. Despite Girion Voeros' claim that the difficulty is "Very Forgiving", don't be fooled. There are some very decent puzzles in this game. Most of them involve tracking down the right object to be used or given to the right person, but they are layered in interesting ways. For example, you may need to solve one puzzle to get a piece that is used to solve another puzzle. To me, the "Very Forgiving" nature means that there is only one very obvious method by which you can be killed, and that you can't reach a point in which it is impossible to win - not that it is easy!

As far as game play is concerned, the flow of the game is a little erratic. Until you get pretty far into the game, it isn't really clear on why you are solving some of the puzzles you are solving. They are simply puzzles, so you solve them, and then afterward find out what was "locked away behind the door" (so to speak, although in one puzzle this is literally true). My advice to players is to wander around, seeing as much as you can and mapping the locations until you get a better idea of the whole game. This may help out in figuring out what you want to do and where you wish to go.

The author helps you out by providing room-based hints, although they are just hints and not actual solutions. He also provides an in-game list of verbs you will need, which is very helpful in avoiding those "guess-the-verb" problems. There are a couple of instances where I knew what I wanted to do, but had trouble getting the syntax right (ex. "use this with that" instead of "use this on that"), but not too many to be annoying.


This is probably the section that your average AIF player will be disappointed in. If you are expecting a sex-filled romp, you will not enjoy this game. There is sex, but it is presented in a tasteful "hard R" instead of the normal "X X X" that usual AIF games employ. However, there is still plenty of sex to be had, and a bevy of willing women to bed. At first I was put off by this, but after playing the game through I found it a refreshing change.


This game is technically sound. While there are a few bugs, the ones that I found were more annoying than game stopping. For example, an article of clothing that I had left behind kept popping back into my inventory - no matter how many times I dropped it off. It had no affect on the game at all, other than I found it annoying. There have been some other similar glitches reported online, and the author has informed me that he plans on releasing a bug-fix version.

Final Thoughts

I would like to say that I enjoyed the game (because I did), but it is really more of a case of the game having won me over. As I mentioned, the lack of the usual sexual interaction originally put me off, but by the end of the game I found it quite refreshing. There is still plenty of sex in the game, just not what you may be used to. I found myself thinking about the game when I wasn't playing it, trying to figure out what I had missed or where a solution might be. For me, this is a
good thing.

Overall, I think this is a really good first effort for the author. I enjoyed it, and look forward to more from Girion Voeros.

Rating: B+


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