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Fairytails Remixed Reviews
Author: Psimage
Date: 2003

Reviewed  by Roger H?gensen (AIF Games)

Fairy Tales Remixed is another release from Psimage, author of the unfinished To Be King. FT first popped up as a very short, and more or less unplayable "trailer", over a year ago on most of the AIF sites. The game has certainly grown. But into what? 

(WARNING - Spoilers ahead) 

The Good -
Psimage's physical descriptions of his characters are one of his stronger points. The descriptions of Witch Hazel, the White Rabbit, Grandma, and Red Riding Hood are all very well done, nice erotic translations from the classical fairy tales. And the location descriptions weren't bad, either. There was a definite sense of atmosphere to the game. 

The Bad-
The consistancy of spelling and grammar are rather loose in this game. For instance, a hedge is referred in the game as a "shubbery" but only recognized as a "shrubbery" in the command. Also, important terms are in bold, yet not all things in bold seem to have any purpose nor are they recognized. Very often you get the message "you have already done that" for sex commands. There are supposed to be 3 - fuck pussy, fuck ass, fuck mouth (or mouthfuck). Yet quite often doing one counts as all for the NPC. Fine if the character can or will only do certain acts, but at least include a disavow. Not doing that is lazy programming. When you bring Muffett to the Spiderlady and try to play with the spiderlady more, she tells you that she wants you to bring her Muffett - who is there. It's one thing to have a character be capricious and change her mind. Fine. But this just means that the tasks weren't programmed or programmed correctly.  

The Ugly-
There is a disclaimer that warns of violence, rape, and beastiality. Okay, fine. But what alarmed me wasn't the reaction but the casual nature that the character inflicted these acts with. In Sam Shooter 2, Sam tortures a Dryad sexually. In the end he relents, but when he's torturing her, even he's shocked by what he's doing. This PC has no qualms about killing, raping, abusing, or taking advantage anyone he comes across. There isn't any real reason given for this, either. He's just basically a sadistic horny Son of a Bitch. Also, the Humpty Dumpty Red Herring puzzle. Even if you didn't want the player to be able to have her, there would have been many other ways to handle the situation with humor - the egg rolls down the hill leaving the NPC too dizzy to be aroused, feeling like "Scrambled eggs" so to speak. Instead, if you attempt to free this character, you kill her. This is supposed to be funny. I guess it's lost on me. To unlock Wendy, you kill peter pan right in front of her. She turns to you for sympathy, then asks you to fuck her up the ass. That all makes no sense at all. And the tinkerbell scene - you include a vial of magic growth potion, and yet the most obvious use for it you ignore, instead opting to poison the little pixie and then use her as a fuckrag? I think that's possibly the strangest way of handling the situation I could imagine. 

The truth is, there aren't many scenes in this game where the sex isn't forced. Grandma you fool into thinking you're a wolf. Muffett gives you a blowjob in exchange for ice cream. Rapunsel, while a little coerced, is willing. Jill gives you a free one. The spiderlady gives you a little play. Wendy's willing, once you murder her best friend.... but the rabbit, witch hazel, red riding hood, the amazon, tinkerbell, they are all raped. Again, it's just strange that the PC is so unbothered by being so violent. We never get to know the character well enough to understand why. 

This game has a lot of ups and downs. One of the problems is that it is so inconsistent in attitude and behavior, and the puzzles quite often so illogical or counterintuitive. Numerous bugs or programming flaws further mar what could be a very good game. If the author ever gets around to fixing his earlier works, they might be very good examples of AIF. As it is right now, though, Fairy Tales Remixed is an example of a great concept with an overall poor execution. 

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