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The Extra Lessons Reviews
Author: Interasoft
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Evil Bacteria

Right now, I'm going to make a suggestion to everyone who has ever considered making an IF game: only do so if you speak the language correctly. Interasoft, a German company, obviously has a poor command of English, and the result is rather pathetic. 

The Good Points: 

There is one good reason to ever play this game: it comes with soft-core pictures of an obviously professional model. The pictures are nice to look at, but this is the only good thing I have to say. 

The Bad Points: 

Egad. Let me start by giving you the back-story. You are a high school student whose hot teacher is coming over to tutor you in math. However, once she arrives, she just stands outside the door waiting for you to type the correct phrase to invite her in. Confused, I decided to ask her about "math," thinking that that might be the trigger to get her to come inside and begin the game. No response. Then I asked her about "maths," and she replied. Yes, maths is the correct word to use. It went downhill from there. 

The game is full of funny quirks like that, but they quickly go from being amusing to getting on one's nerves. For example, either the translator thought "lingerie" meant "women's undergarments in general," or your teacher is awfully dressed up. 

Not only is the sex scene (there's only one) not fun, it's stupid. Progress requires you to type specific and often awkward sounding or ludicrous commands in a very certain order, often repeating them for some reason. Each command will give you a short description, very often under a dozen words in length, and usually consisting of the characters talking to each other about God knows what. If it weren't for the pictures, you'd have no fun at all. 


mkj drew some fire for the poorly written "Emy Discovers Life" and "An Afternoon Visit," and despite the fact that his terrible grammar can be overlooked since he's Danish and speaks English as a second language, the point is that people should not attempt to make a text-based game unless they are well versed in the language of said text. Interasoft is not a lone Dane, however; they are a company that (I assume) sells things. You know, for money. In this case, then, it's inexcusable that they would release something so poorly written and badly translated as The Extra Lessons. This game reflects poorly on their company, and they need to seriously consider hiring a better translator for their next attempt. 

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