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Eva's Secret Reviews
Author: Cauldron
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Softiron (Softiron17@msn.com)

To throw a bias of mine out into the open, I am immediately wary of any game that takes place inside of a house. Games like these are usually the first attempt by an author, and lack the originality required to create anything memorable. There are exceptions, of course. Rogue Cop and Memories are Made of These were superbly done, the former because of the puzzles and the sex scenes, and the latter because of the plot and atmosphere. 

Unfortunately, Eva’s Secret does not escape the pit of mediocrity that most of these games fall into. Perhaps the author just needed more time, as the programming is very simplistic, even for ADRIFT. Rather than employ synonyms for certain verbs and objects, the author abruptly destroys all continuity to tell the player EXACTLY WHAT TO TYPE to continue. While eliminating the “guess the verb” problem quite sufficiently, it does tend to ruin the moment.

While most of the puzzles do make sense in their own adventure game type way (with one in particular that was actually quite fun), the final one, which includes performing an act never done in an AIF game before and likely not by many human beings before, takes the cake as the worst puzzle in this competition. Thankfully, by this time, I had been using the walkthrough, so it didn’t stop me for a second. 

Oh yeah, the sex. For starters, the game requires the player to masturbate at least once. It is usually wise for an author to have a response for those players who do wish to choke the chicken while playing (figuratively as well as literally), but requiring the PC to perform this act for no remarkable reason is equal to forcing a player to type “breathe” to stay alive. In other words, I do it all the time, so why do I have to do it now? 

The game’s reward for completion (sex, no doubt), is lacking any reward. For me to enjoy a sex scene, it must be with a character that has some qualities of a desirable person. Not only is Petra a cardboard cutout, she’s not even an especially glossy one at that. Therefore, it was about as titillating as, well, cardboard.

However, if there was an award for the most responsive NPC, Petra would win hands down.

Out of nine participants, Eva’s Secret finished 9th on my ballot.

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