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Eterna Reviews
Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2002

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

A short example of AIF (Adult IF) where you play a man who has sex with a virtual reality sim of your female co-worker. Apart from some initial puzzles (finding the program disk, getting into the VR room), it's just straightforward VR sex with no surprises. I was mildly disappointed (though not surprised) that although the female sim has a few erogenous zones of interest, the male PC has only one.

Rating: ***

Reviewed by A. Bomire (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 9 - September 2008)

Basic Story

You play an executive at the Eterna Corp, a company in the virtual reality business. You come to the office on the weekend and discover your co-worker, Shelly Rainer, has completed a virtual reality program. The program is just a demo, using herself as a model, and she doesn't want you to see it before she changes it. Of course, this means your goal is to gain access to the program.

Overall Thoughts

This game is Chris Cole's one (and only) foray into the programming world of TADS. At least, it is the only TADS game that he didn't co-author with someone else. It is extremely small and short - almost a mini-comp game. The game is really a test of the TADS programming system, and isn't meant to be a full game. It is, however, fully playable with puzzles and a full sex scene.

Puzzles/Game Play

There are a couple of puzzles in this game, but most of them are fairly easy. The only really challenging puzzle (and trust me, it isn't that challenging) is getting the key to your co-worker's office. After that, the rest of the game proceeds fairly quickly.


The sex in this game is typical of what you will see in any Chris Cole game. It is fairly well written, but nothing really exciting or unusual. Once again, the game is a demo and plays that way.


There isn't a whole lot to this game, and as such there isn't a whole that can be technically wrong. I found only one small bug in the game where something I entered provided no response, but other than that it is fairly technically clean.

Final Thoughts

This game is short and sweet. As I mentioned, Chris Cole wrote this game as a test of using TADS instead of ADRIFT to create games. As such, the game plays like a test. It isn't bad - the game is a full game - but it isn't a great game either. Overall, I'd compare it to a mini-comp game.

Rating: B-

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