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Escape Pod Reviews
Author: Love Letters To Love
Date: 2005

Reviewed by A. Ninny

I have two main reactions to this game. The first time I played it, my reaction was “Wow!” but after subsequent play-throughs, I feel my reaction is changing to “This doesn’t belong here.” 

First the “Wow!” 

“Escape Pod” is a very thorough character study, replete and brimming with information on its characters (especially the NPC), it has creative and detailed sex writing, characters that stay in character throughout and have compelling stories. Jenna is a little sex demon and loves you to get it on with every part of her body, including many that never see the light of day in AIF. Who ever heard of writing sex descriptions for elbows before? In any case, you just want her, and you want her badly. 

In some ways, I feel Escape Pod sets a new standard for sex writing in AIF, and this game, along with the multiple sex action layering system implemented in “Parlour” may mean that this mini-comp has just raised the bar for all AIF authors. Everyone is going to be expected to put in more and more detail. In addition, “Escape Pod” is the first game I’ve seen to take on the topic of zero-gravity sex, and in some sex acts succeeds nicely, but in others, forgets to even mention it. 

Next, the “This doesn’t belong here.” 

Well, it doesn’t. This is not a mini-comp game. This is a huge game that happens to take place in one room. Also, it certainly appears to be a fragment of a much larger game, one that I’m looking forward to seeing, true, but not really belonging in a mini-comp in which games are, by the spirit of the rules, supposed to be self-contained. The expectation is that each game will be more like a short story than a chapter out of a novel. My evidence for this with “Escape Pod” is mainly the vast amount of information contained in Jenna. Why do we need to know so much irrelevant background on her and on the game’s universe when the entire action of the game consists of a) fuck Jenna silly and b) survive being blown out in space in a spaceship’s escape pod? 

This dichotomy makes it difficult to score this game. On my first go-through I gave it extremely high marks in all categories, but as I played more, I found that I was wishing it didn’t have all the fluff. Then, once you read all about Jenna the first time you play, you find it doesn’t matter the second time, and the game becomes entirely wham-bam. 

In any case, rate I must, so I am going to go with my first reaction and give it some relatively high marks, mainly due to the skill and love with which the game was constructed, and register my complaints in the context of this review. 


Concept: 7. For all its detail and character development, the game is too limited in scope. 

Characters: 8.5. This is one area where this game is over-the-top. The only thing that keeps it from getting a higher score is that the PC is less fleshed than is Jenna. 

Technical: 8. I didn’t find any bugs, the bolded topics to talk to Jenna about are a nice feature, and the sheer number of body parts implemented is unprecedented. To score higher, I would have liked to see some more cool tricks. 

Playability: 7.5. The game flows nicely and I didn’t see any snags. The only odd thing was it seemed arbitrary when you would have to rest to conserve oxygen. 

Hotness: 8. Great number of body parts implemented, good immersive writing and interesting use of zero-gravity sex. 

Enjoyment: 8.5. Very nicely done. I’m looking forward to the ‘novel’ version. 

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