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Encounter 4: Mrs Parker
Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Knight Errant (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 9 - September 2008)

Basic Story

Mrs. Parker, who you've always fantasized about, is house-sitting you while your parents are away.

Overall Thoughts

It's a quick and simple game, with very little keeping the player away from the sex.


Chris Cole himself said it best, "this game has virtually no puzzles". That's exactly right, this game has only one pseudo-puzzle and it's absolutely no challenge whatsoever. There's a "find all the pictures" exercise that's amusing, but unfortunately the only publicly available version has the actual photos removed due to copyright infringement. This game follows the convention of "have sex in each room of the house", but you don't get to choose which room is when.


The writing is good, like all of Chris's games, though this game tends to force the player to do actions in a certain order. For example, you can't remove her bra until after she's sucked you off and you fuck her tits. The descriptions are a little sparse, but I assume that's because this game was originally intended to have pictures to supplement them.


The game is sparsely implemented, but it gets away with it because it's explained away in the game text. One minor quibble is that in "your house" the front door is assumed to be in the foyer (and you must open it when someone rings the bell), but it's not listed in the room description. Several items are missing synonyms (x white bra works, but x bra doesn't), and some of her clothing items are missing entirely. Like "Gamma Gals", the implementation is much better at the beginning and it slowly drops off as the game continues.


All the windows in the house hints at voyeuristic possibilities, but unfortunately that possibility never manifests. Having each SSS take place on a different day is a nice touch, it adds a little more depth to a pretty simple game. The game gives the feeling of being written quickly (though competently, of course).

Final Thoughts

It would be unfair to judge the Encounters games by the standards of ordinary games, because it's only intended to be a short fuck-fest and little more. It does a good job of it, too. Still, the little things like missing synonyms, inconsistent implementation and forced order of sex commands keep it from being a much better game than it is.

Rating: B


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